• The Theory of Everything: How Bird Dogs Save the World

    Thank you for joining the Hunt Fish Thrive podcast! Hunt Fish Thrive connects outdoors experiences with mental health, quality relationships, and flourishing habitats.

    In today's episode discuss bird dogs significance to sustainable habitats. We've included times in the show notes below. You can follow us on Instagram @huntfishthrive Thank you for listening in!

    Show Notes

    00:49 Introduction

    03:04 The State of Bird Hunting

    14:33 The Theory of Everything

    31:23 What it Means When There's No Quail

    34:08 Puppy Update

    35:48 The Bob White Brigade

    45:11 Discussing Solutions the Quail Population Problem

    57:22 Tying Off Our Thoughts on The Theory of Everything

    S1E7 - 1h 2m - May 2, 2022
  • Rabbit Trails

    Thank you for joining us for episode 6! In this episode, Mickey and Wes explore a variety of topics as listed in the notes below.

    While most podcast will deal with topics of the intersection between conservation, mental health, and how hunting and fishing experiences contribute toward a thriving life, sometimes our podcast will dive into free discussion. This episode is one of those times which is why we've titled it Rabbit Trails.

    Below are the topics we discuss:

    00:55 The Importance of Satire to Sustain a Civil Society

    11:24 Online Discourse and Fact Checking

    16:17 The Nature of Learning and Recalling Facts

    20:20 Why Hunt Fish Thrive May Cover Controversial Topics at Time

    24:44 "The Grandma Teachers" An Eye Opening Social Experiment

    E6 - 39m - Apr 15, 2022
  • Hunt Fish Thrive: A Quick Perspective

    In this brief in-between episode, cohost Wes Riojas brings a brief thought concerning Hunt Fish Thrive. Mickey Reves will return following his honeymoon.

    Thank you for joining us and see you in the next episode!

    S1E5 - 3m - Apr 2, 2022
  • Overcoming Struggles on the Elk Hunt, JRR Tolkien, and How to Have Meaningful Conversations with Anti-Hunters

    Hi Everyone! Hunt Fish Thrive is a conversation that we want to invite you to be a part of. While there are many podcast concerning the how to's for hunting and fishing success, Hunt Fish Thrive exist to dig into the topics relating to how hunting and fishing can benefit our wellness by discussing not just successes but also struggles. Hunt Fish Thrive is about how going a field provides us the opportunity to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. So, thank you for joining us!

    Episode 4 Summary: In this episode, Mickey Reves discusses factors that led to sabotaging success on his latest Elk Hunt and discovering what was the key reason behind it. Mickey and Wes then look at author JRR Tolkien for bring a new perspective and appreciation for public lands, which can sometimes be a contentious topic in the hunting and fishing community. And lastly, Mickey gives us tools for having a more meaningful debate with the anti-hunting community and possibly a way for both hunters and anti-hunters can find common ground and mutual respect.

    Time Stamps

    1:10 - Realizing self sabotage on the last Elk hunt

    2:20 - Why so many hunters are not getting their Elk

    3:00 - Factors leading to sabotaging your Elk hunt

    5:45 - The mistake that led to Mickey's sabotaged hunt

    8:50 - Learning to improve hunting success

    10:00 - Unpacking Randy Newberg's 6 Elk Hunts Principle

    15:00 - Learning from mentors

    20:45 - Arriving early to scout and climatize

    23:30 - What JRR Tolkien can teach us about public lands

    29:10 - How public lands tie to Hunt Fish Thrive

    32:30 - Hunting and fishing providing a unique opportunity to go a field

    35:20 - Unpacking debates between hunting and anti-hunting organizations

    42:00 - A mindset to help hunters have meaningful debates with anti-hunters

    45:30 - US Army's concept of Be Know Do

    46:00 - Tying off Tolkien and the concept of Being and Doing

    48:00 - The intriguing field of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Dan Segal

    S1E4 - 53m - Mar 16, 2022
  • The Tale of Two Families: Taking Your Children Hunting

    In episode 3, Mickey talks about giving children the experience of their first hunts and how to help them prepare for, experience, and process their hunting experience.

    Feel free to connect directly by emailing: mickey@huntfishthrive.com

    Thank you for listening!

    E3 - 1h 10m - Mar 2, 2022
  • The Elk Hunt and Processing the Return Home

    In episode 2, Mickey discusses how to reconcile the experiences of a being on a long, remote Elk hunt and immediately returning to society and one's every day problems. During the second half of the podcast, Mickey shares his Elk hunt experience.

    The Elk Hunt: The Adventures of Wilder Good by S.J. Dahlstrom https://www.amazon.com/Elk-Hunt-Adventures-Wilder-Good/dp/1589880870/ref=sr_1_2?crid=SLE8S4MBIOWP&keywords=the+elk+hunt&qid=1645043572&sprefix=the+elk+hunt%2Caps%2C116&sr=8-2

    Table of Contents

    00:22:00 - How to Reconcile the Experience with Regular Life

    00:28:00 - How to Help Prepare Your Kids for a Future Hunt

    00:36:00 - Sympathy vs Empathy

    00:40:00 - Connecting Hunting and Fishing to Wellness

    00:42:00 - The Elk Hunt

    01:03:00 - The Treadmill Effect

    01:07:00 - Reframing Unfinished Business

    S1E2 - 1h 12m - Feb 16, 2022
  • Preparing for an Elk Hunt While Pondering, Do I Have What it Takes?

    In our first podcast, Mickey discusses his recent Elk hunt preparation and discusses the universal question that every man asks, do I have what it takes.

    S1E1 - 1h 7m - Feb 1, 2022
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