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How to Use a Facial massager Effectively

If you don't use it properly, it can have the opposite effect and cause sagging and blemishes. It is important to know the basics of how to use the facial massager effectively.

Do it when your skin is moist and your blood circulation is good. It is important to know the basics of effective use.

Especially in the case of water-resistant products, it is said to be most effective during bathing when the skin is sufficiently moistened by steam and blood circulation is accelerated.

Alternatively, if your body is still warm enough after taking a bath, you can apply a moisturizer to your skin before applying it.

In other cases, you can warm up your face and neck with a hot towel to improve blood circulation, and then apply milky lotion.

The first step is to promote the lymphatic system.

Before applying to the face, first roll upward from the tip of the chin to the bottom of the ears in order to promote lymphatic flow around the face.

After rolling it about 50 times, roll it down from under the ear to the collarbone through the neck.

  • Do the same for about 50 times.
  • For the face, use three basic areas.
  • For the face, roll about 50 times each.
  • To lift up your cheeks, roll diagonally upward from your mouth to your ears.
  • Roll from the eyes to the ears in a horizontal motion.
  • Roll upward from between your eyebrows to your hairline.

Roll in one direction only.

Basically, try to roll from the tip of the chin up along the face line, from the mouth to the cheeks, and from the eyes to the ears in a "bottom to top" or "inside to outside" fashion (with the exception of the cervical lymph nodes, which should be rolled from top to bottom).

The stick type is especially easy to roll, so you tend to roll it back and forth up and down, but be careful not to lower the skin that has been lifted up, as this may cause it to sag.

Also, some Y-shaped face massage products are difficult to use in one direction, and you may have to go back along the same path.

In this case, try to reduce the force of the "return" movement as much as possible.

Where are the lymph nodes located?

In general, the word "lymph" refers to lymph fluid, lymph vessels, and lymph nodes (lymph glands). Lymph fluid passes through the lymphatic vessels, and in the middle of the lymphatic vessels are lymph nodes (lymph glands), which are responsible for filtering the lymph fluid.

There are three main functions of the lymphatic system: immune function, collection of waste and unnecessary fluids, and the passage of absorbed fat. Since the lymphatic system does not have an organ that pumps like the heart, it circulates in the body through changes in internal pressure caused by muscle movement and breathing.

When muscle movement is stagnant, circulation also slows down, and waste products and fat tend to accumulate in the area.

Lymph nodes are located in various parts of the body, but especially around the face, there are the parotid lymph nodes at the base of the ear, the cervical lymph nodes in the neck, and the clavicular lymph nodes in the clavicle.



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