• Four Floors of Whores

    In this episode Adam & Andy discuss life after Coronavirus, lucky lucky men and gay escapades. Contains course language and sexual references.

    1h 5m | Mar 16, 2021
  • The Bachelor's Golden Balls

    In this episode Adam & Andy are triggered by reality TV dating shows, celebs turning into cannibals, and love islanders stuck in quarantine. Featuring special guest Frankie!

    42m | Feb 21, 2021
  • New Year, New Me?

    First podcast of 2021! In this episode Adam & Andy are triggered by Fast & Furious films, Karens on holiday, and a guy called Tyler.

    1h 7m | Jan 28, 2021
  • Merry Bloody Christmas

    In this holiday special episode Adam and Andy are triggered by rule breaking politicians, wannabe social media influencers, and of course Christmas traditions. Wishing all of our wonderful followers Happy Holidays and a massive get lost to a horrible year! Cheers everyone!!!

    1h 8m | Dec 24, 2020
  • Nigella's Toast

    In this episode Adam & Andy are triggered by celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, wedding gifts, inappropriate text message images and Karen's demanding more for their Christmas cheer. Featuring special guest Sophia-Marie - Director of Sophisticated Entertainment and otherwise known as the Queen of Essex to some!

    Carnival Cruise Line's cast manager for the last 5 years before opening Sophisticated Entertainment Ltd. Best known for opening the Grand Prix in Bahrain, professional singer, dancer and ultimate drama queen by trade.

    Love - Louboutin shoes, her boyfriend Tom, and her Audi TT.

    Hates - Cheese, spiders and jobs worth people.

    What makes Sophia into a Karen, standing in lines and queues especially with heavy shopping or when one is trying to get into a club pissed!

    1h 2m | Dec 21, 2020
  • Swipe Right

    In this episode Adam & Andy are triggered by online dating, one-night stands, and a peculiar arm band fashion statement... featuring special guest Jodi.

    1h 4m | Dec 9, 2020
  • Brendan Bloody Murray

    In this exclusive episode we are joined by singer/songwriter Brendan Murray. We hear stories of being in Irish boyband HomeTown, how he represented Ireland at Eurovision, competing on X-Factor, and playing FIFA with Robbie Williams

    1h 21m | Nov 24, 2020
  • The Five Star Flasher

    In this episode Adam & Andy are triggered by baby name drama, gender reveal hell, and the five star flasher living around Andy! Featuring special guest Lewis.

    57m | Nov 18, 2020
  • Humble Peacocks

    In this episode Adam & Andy are triggered by peacocks, Halloween, urinals and once again Kim Kardashian. Featuring special guest Erin!

    57m | Nov 12, 2020
  • Man Friends

    In this episode Adam & Andy are triggered by soccer (or football) hygiene, all kinds of masks, Disney + and of course Kim Kardashian... Plus so much more!

    1h 19m | Nov 2, 2020
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