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How To Attract A Woman

Do you need some tips for attracting a women? Perhaps you have already numerous techniques and failed, blowing your chances with a girl for good?

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Fortunately attracting women is not as hard as you think, and with a few changes you can be building attraction from the very beginning. Pay attention to the following important tips from Alex Wise ( Loveawake dating site CEO) and you will have more dates than you can handle in no time.

Tip 1: Women want to be swept off their feet

What many men fail to realize is that women want sex just as much as men do – all that differs is their attitude towards how they to get it. Men are direct creatures and when they want sex it tends to show – like a neon light flashing above their heads. Women prefer a much more indirect approach to sex – you have to make them feel special. You have to be subtle in your approach and keep them guessing as to what you want. Women love mystery and romance, so don’t put all you cards on the table at once. When it becomes obvious what it is you are after the mystery is lost, and she will be instantly turned off. Keep her guessing as to whether it’s her who is going to get laid tonight.

Tip 2: Make her feel comfortable

Many men make the mistake of thinking that you have to do something special to make a women want to have sex. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Women want sex as much as men do, but they will only have sex with men they feel comfortable and safe with.

They key to getting her to feel comfortable with you is body language and physical contact. When you are out on a date you need to appear relaxed, even if inside you are really nervous, it will instantly put her at ease. When the time is right don’t be afraid to touch her. A good place to start is a casual touch on the arm or hand – its non-threatening but still a sign of affection. If she returns the touch they you know you can take things further – how fast depends on the girl and the situation.

Tip3: Hook up at yours

Many men make the mistake of thinking that most girls prefer to stay their place for dinner. Most girls feel much more relaxed meeting at a guy’s house because they have to worry about tidying up the house.

Arrange to meet up somewhere public and then go back to yours for dinner or a drink. Then you don’t have to worry about asking her back to yours later on with the obvious assumption that all you want sex.

Tip4: Let her chase you

A big mistake that many men make is that they assume that they need to chase the woman. You have to play hard to get just like her. Tease her and let her do the hard work; let her know that she’s going to have put some effort to get you. Women love a challenge as much as men do, so play the game a little and soon enough it will be her who is trying to get you into bed!

To start attracting women you first need to start approaching women.