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How did the concept of the author come about?

Who can call himself an author? Everyone who writes? Someone with a published and edited title? A person who makes writing their profession as a hobby?

One thing is for sure: the concept of an essay writer is constantly being debated and has no fixed definition. Nevertheless, among all the assessments we find characteristics that converge: the author speaks in an individual voice and declares himself to be a person with authority and rights over his work.

The author in the Middle Ages: the anonymous and free transmission of works

Surprisingly, the birth of the book precedes the birth of the figure of the author.

In the Middle Ages, most reflection paper and other texts were anonymous. Their authors were difficult to simply recognize because their names were very rarely incorporated into their works. Authors created without worrying about transmission or memory.

In the Middle Ages, the very notion of creation was different: creation was then considered ephemeral, immediate and needing no duration, hence the troubadours. It was also considered ad hoc: hence the court poets, who wrote poems on the occasion of certain events, such as a princely birth.

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