Murder in Paradise - The Case of the Multi-Millionaire Jade Janks

49m | Mar 27, 2023

In this week’s bonus episode of Housewives of True Crime, Gretchen and Tabitha talk about a case recommended by Angie, one of the fans of the show. This case is shocking, sickening, saddening, and much more. At a glance Jade Janks looks like a very successful interior designer who came from a broken family and living with her stepfather Tom, a butterfly farm owner. However, their relationship had always been toxic, and things take a sudden turn for the worse when Jade discovered something deeply personal that prompts her to hire a fixer to “take care” of her stepfather.

The fixer never shows up, prompting Jade takes matters into her own hands. She is eventually arrested for murdering Tom by heavily intoxicating him and her case goes to trail garnering immense media attention at the time.

Listen in as Tabitha and Gretchen talk about Jade and her complex relationship with Tom and what she discovers on his computer that prompt her to take matters into her own hands. This crime episode is as shock as it is sad and will leave you wondering whether justice was served and whether everyone got what they deserved.

“I never got confident enough to take the naked pictures. No effing way.” (Gretchen 23:00)


I think that him being a butterfly farmer is probably your first red flag..” (Tabitha 44:13)


In This Episode

●       (00:53) Tab and Gretchen catch up on the gossip.

●       (01:05) Talking about Irish car bombs and Gretchen’s top party.

●       (03:40) New development about Stephen Smith and the Murdaugh connection.

●       (07:55) Talking about Gretchen’s feet, barefoot shoes and flipflops.

●       (09:30) Tab and Gretchen discuss this week’s case suggested by Angie Pankhurst.

●       (10:28) The case of Steve Jenks and Jeanette Smith and their daughter Jade.

●       (11:00) Jeanette’s menta illness, the marriage falling apart and Steve taking care of Jade.

●       (11:52) Jade reconnects with Jeanette, her stepfather and brother and moves in.

●       (13:40) Jeanette’s arrest, Jade started her own interior design company.

●       (16:20) Tom starts a butterfly farm and gives Jade the power of attorney.

●       (17:37) Discussing the toxic relationship between Tom and Jade and their criminal records.

●       (21:12) Jade discovering naked pictures of her on Tom’s computer.

●       (25:57) On Jade finding a fixer on Facebook named Alan and their plan about Tom.

●       (27:47) Jade heavily dozes Tom as she awaits the fixer who is a no show.

●       (31:10) On Alan sending Brian to assist in his place, who also bails after meeting Jade.

●       (36:19) Jade gets pulled over, and eventually is arrested.

●       (40:40) Discussing the statement Jade gives to Tom’s family.

●       (43:01) Tab and Gretchen give their thoughts on Jade’s behavior, feelings, and actions.

●       (45:30) Tab and Gretchen talk about Tom and whether he deserved to die.


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