House of L podcast

The House of L podcast is an intimate look at media in all forms and how it works. Let Laurence Holmes take you behind the curtain with your favorite media personalities.


172: Baseball's Major League Problems
Show Details54min 12s
171: Rams 24 Bears 10
Show Details17min 35s
170: Neveau Reviews PGATour2K1 & Tony Hawk 1 & 2
Show Details25min 12s
169: Bears 23 Panthers 16
Show Details20min 27s
168: Sox Firings & Hirings?
Show Details52min 27s
167: Bears 20 Tampa 19
Show Details18min 12s
166: Marley Kayden
Show Details1hr 3min
165: Theo's Biggest Challenge
Show Details40min 44s
164: Colts 19 Bears 11
Show Details22min 26s
163: What Happens with the Cubs Now?
Show Details17min 26s
162: Kyle Higgins Returns
Show Details56min 59s
161: Sox Season Ends
Show Details25min 23s
160: Will Chicago Baseball Be Over Thursday?
Show Details24min 24s
159: Sox Take Game 1
Show Details15min 14s
158: Chicago Playoff Preview
Show Details54min 18s
157: Bears 30 Falcons 26
Show Details25min 18s
156: The Sky is Falling and Nothing is Good
Show Details44min 30s
155: Cowley Reviews NBA 2K21
Show Details38min 4s
154: Sarah Gorden
Show Details40min 32s
153: Lost Weekend For Cubs & Sox
Show Details44min 18s
152: Bears Survive Giants 17-13
Show Details20min 51s
151: Sox Clinch. Cubs on a Roll.
Show Details59min 16s
150: Steve Rosenbloom
Show Details1hr 35min
149: Alec Mills Throws A No-No
Show Details47min 47s
148: Bears 27 Lions 23
Show Details22min 27s
143: Ricky for AL MOY?
Show Details1hr 8min
142: A Tale of Two First Place Teams
Show Details1hr 1min
141: Cowley Reviews Madden 21
Show Details37min 3s
140: Mitch is the Starter!
Show Details18min 48s
139: Ian Happ's MVP Case
Show Details54min 19s
138: John Thompson's Impact on basketball and the Black Community
Show Details16min 59s
137: Cubs & Sox at the Trade Deadline
Show Details50min 30s
136: The Tragic Loss of Chadwick Boseman
Show Details45min 56s
135: Joe Drops Bombs On The Cubs
Show Details48min 10s
134: Lucas Throws A No-No!!!
Show Details18min 46s
133: Baseball From Home: Cubs/Sox Weekend Recap
Show Details58min 31s
132: Mike Brown
Show Details1hr 25min
131: Crosstown Preview
Show Details56min 12s
130: I'm A Trubisky Guy Now
Show Details35min 37s
129: Courtney Gousman
Show Details1hr 4min
128: Bears Re-Set
Show Details37min 49s
127: Owning A World Series Ring
Show Details31min 3s
126: Mina Kimes
Show Details54min 38s
125: Leaving NBC Sports Chicago
Show Details41min 2s
124: The Hamilton Pod
Show Details1hr 12min
123: Baseball From Home Podcast Episode 2
Show Details55min 12s
122: Baseball From Home Podcast Episode 1
Show Details40min 48s
121: Nader Issa
Show Details1hr 11min
120: Connor McKnight's Cubs/Sox Preview
Show Details1hr 11min
119: Meet My Mom, Rosemary Holmes
Show Details1hr 28min
118: Jonathan Hood
Show Details1hr 25min
117: The Rocky Roundtable
Show Details1hr 16min
116: Cortney Hall
Show Details1hr 9min
115: Sarah Kustok
Show Details57min 7s
114: Meet My Dad, Warren W. Holmes
Show Details1hr 7min
113: Cisco Cotto
Show Details1hr 6min
112: The Equality of Brutality
Show Details41min 53s
111: Matt Abbatacola
Show Details1hr 44min
110: Erica Nicole Clark
Show Details1hr 28min
109: The Mystery of Effa Manley
Show Details40min 10s
108: Craig Hodges
Show Details1hr 21min
107: Sarah Jindra
Show Details37min 19s
106: Spice Adams
Show Details56min 6s
105: Peggy Kusinski
Show Details1hr 20min
104: Lance Briggs
Show Details49min 19s
103: Bulls Hire Arturas Karnisovas
Show Details37min
102: Rick Camp Breaks Down The Bulls
Show Details37min 42s
101: Stephen Bardo
Show Details55min 15s
100: Afua Owusu
Show Details1hr 51min
99: Patrick Mooney
Show Details1hr 3min
98: Robert "Scoop" Jackson
Show Details1hr 22min
97: Doug Bruno
Show Details46min 40s
96: Nina Hajian
Show Details37min 53s
95: Paula Faris
Show Details51min 43s
94: Adam Amin
Show Details1hr 10min
93: Kerry Sayers
Show Details1hr 6min
92: Laura Britt
Show Details32min 33s
91: House of L Presents PTBNL
Show Details1hr 9min
90: Luke Thomas
Show Details36min 29s
89: Gordon Wittenmyer
Show Details1hr 14min
88: Phil Donlon
Show Details1hr 22min
87: Michelle McMahon
Show Details56min 22s
86: Tim Hardaway Sr.
Show Details54min 40s
85: Siafa Lewis
Show Details1hr 58min
84: Josina Anderson
Show Details59min 50s
83: Chris Rongey
Show Details1hr 47min
82: Joe Cowley
Show Details1hr 40min
81: Kenzie K
Show Details1hr 25min
80: Marcus Leshock
Show Details1hr 2min
79: Evan F. Moore
Show Details1hr 14min
78: Sahadev Sharma
Show Details1hr 23min
77: Gary Gulman
Show Details34min 30s
76: Cubs Marquee Network
Show Details50min 36s
75: Shakeia Taylor
Show Details1hr 20min
74: Lauren Magiera
Show Details58min 12s
73: Tom Dreesen
Show Details1hr 16min
72: Elliott Serrano
Show Details1hr 35min
71: Camron Smith
Show Details1hr 10min
70: Pat McGann
Show Details54min 1s
69: Black Like Me
Show Details35min 46s
68: Alex Brown
Show Details1hr 59min
67: Comedian Dave Helem
Show Details1hr 6min
66: Jason Goff Returns
Show Details1hr 47min
65: Leila Rahimi
Show Details1hr 9min
64: Keisha Howard
Show Details1hr 13min
63: Pat Hughes
Show Details41min
62: Fate of House of L
Show Details29min 1s
61: Tom Thayer
Show Details1hr 7min
60: Gabe Ramirez
Show Details1hr 22min
59: Kathy Chaney
Show Details1hr 40min
58: Adam Rittenberg
Show Details1hr 11min
57: Chris Tannehill
Show Details2hr 14min
56: Chicago Sports Historian Jack M. Silverstein
Show Details1hr 7min
55: Dionne Miller
Show Details58min 19s
54: Mark Grote
Show Details1hr 30min
53: Tony Andracki
Show Details53min 11s
52: Joe Ostrowski
Show Details1hr 54min
51: Jori Parys
Show Details1hr 8min
50: Bears Lose Wild Card Game
Show Details25min 57s
49: Ramie Makhlouf, Laura Okmin
Show Details48min 34s
48: Bears 24 Vikings 10
Show Details24min 20s
47: Jake Johnson
Show Details39min 25s
46: Bears 14 SF 9
Show Details21min 24s
45: Laurence Holmes (Part 2)
Show Details1hr 14min
Show Details26min 57s
43: Laurence Holmes Introducing: Bella Michaels & Matthew Zaiff Part 1
Show Details1hr 19min
42: Bears 15 Rams 6
Show Details29min 22s
41: Herb Lawrence
Show Details1hr 19min
40: Giants 30 Bears 27 OT
Show Details29min 31s
39: The Iron Bowl w/ Tony Gill & Terrell Davis
Show Details1hr 3min
38: Bears 23 Lions 16
Show Details18min 50s
37: Bears 25 Vikings 20
Show Details25min 10s
36: Jordan Cornette
Show Details1hr 33min
35: Bears 34 Lions 22
Show Details21min 52s
34: Lourdes Duarte
Show Details57min 20s
33: Bears 41 Bills 9
Show Details27min 5s
32: Siera Santos
Show Details1hr 4min
31: Bears 24 Jets 10
Show Details19min 40s
30: George Ofman
Show Details49min 26s
29: Patriots 38 Bears 31
Show Details29min 28s
28: Kelly Crull
Show Details1hr 27min
27: Miami 31 Bears 28 (OT)
Show Details25min 55s
26: Adam Hoge
Show Details1hr 27min
25: Jim Rose
Show Details42min 58s
24: Bears 48 Bucs 10
Show Details23min 35s
23: John Wiedeman
Show Details1hr
22: Bears 16 Cardinals 14
Show Details30min 47s
21: Charles "Peanut" Tillman
Show Details1hr 24min
20: Bears 24 Seattle 17
Show Details29min 25s
19: Michael Kim
Show Details1hr 2min
18: Packers 24 Bears 23
Show Details25min 5s
17: Kopech Injured
Show Details26min 10s
16: Shannon Ryan
Show Details58min 36s
15: Khalil Mack Trade
Show Details24min 54s
14: Barry Rozner
Show Details1hr 15min
13: Sarah Spain
Show Details1hr 21min
12: Lin Brehmer
Show Details58min 22s
11: Ben Bradley
Show Details46min 43s
10: Dan Zampillo (Me & Z Show)
Show Details56min 18s
9: Mike Hall
Show Details1hr 9min
8: Justin Roman
Show Details50min 24s
7: Kyle Higgins
Show Details53min 15s
6: U of C Sports History
Show Details42min 37s
5: Mark Schanowski
Show Details24min 3s
4: Cheryl Scott
Show Details44min
3: Jason Goff Part 2
Show Details52min 10s
2: Jason Goff
Show Details54min 14s
1: Jason Benetti
Show Details30min 3s