House of L podcast

The House of L podcast is an intimate look at media in all forms and how it works. Let Laurence Holmes take you behind the curtain with your favorite media personalities.


Terrika Foster-Brasby
Show Details54min 56s
Claire Smith
Show Details1hr 30min
What About Allen Robinson?
Show Details46min 10s
Fixing the Bears
Show Details51min 55s
Bloodwine Podcast: Disco & WandaVision
Show Details51min 30s
John "Moon" Mullin
Show Details1hr 12min
Unfinished Business w/ JJ Stankevitz & Cam Ellis
Show Details1hr 10min
Matt Bowen
Show Details1hr 1min
Michelle Relerford
Show Details55min 50s
The Great Cookie Debate
Show Details50min 18s
Tahman Bradley
Show Details50min 35s
Brad Evans
Show Details57min 34s
Bears' Sad Playoff Disaster
Show Details21min 8s
Maggie & Laurence Talk Trek Sex
Show Details56min 41s
Bears Clinch Playoff Bid (hooray)!
Show Details16min 22s
Goodbye To Yu
Show Details37min 48s
Queen's Gambit
Show Details1hr 15min
Bears Playoff Chances Increase
Show Details17min 51s
Talking Boxing w/ David Schuster
Show Details32min 22s
Bears Back in Business
Show Details15min 22s
Baseball for the Holidays
Show Details52min 33s
Living Abroad
Show Details1hr 1min
Bears BEATDOWN Texans
Show Details14min 6s
Sox Bring Back Eaton
Show Details44min 34s
Laurence & Maggie talk Star Trek
Show Details46min 46s
Lions rip the Bears' heart out!
Show Details21min 46s
Len Kasper moves to the White Sox
Show Details1hr 2min
Kye Martin
Show Details58min 21s
Packers 41 Bears 25
Show Details19min 23s
Harnarayan Singh
Show Details57min 36s
Theo Epstein's Exit
Show Details41min 39s
Rachel True
Show Details1hr 3min
Vikings 19 Bears 13
Show Details21min 28s
Jose Abreu is American League MVP
Show Details37min 17s
Nick Pietruszkiewicz
Show Details51min 19s
Titans 24 Bears 17
Show Details18min 3s
When Will La Russa Meet The Sox?
Show Details48min 22s
Saints 26 Bears 23 OT
Show Details18min 56s
174: Jay Zawaski
Show Details1hr 37min
173: La Russa Time
Show Details26min 53s
172: Baseball's Major League Problems
Show Details54min 12s
171: Rams 24 Bears 10
Show Details17min 35s
170: Neveau Reviews PGATour2K1 & Tony Hawk 1 & 2
Show Details25min 12s
169: Bears 23 Panthers 16
Show Details20min 27s
168: Sox Firings & Hirings?
Show Details52min 27s
167: Bears 20 Tampa 19
Show Details18min 12s
166: Marley Kayden
Show Details1hr 3min
165: Theo's Biggest Challenge
Show Details40min 44s
164: Colts 19 Bears 11
Show Details22min 26s
163: What Happens with the Cubs Now?
Show Details17min 26s
162: Kyle Higgins Returns
Show Details56min 59s
161: Sox Season Ends
Show Details25min 23s
160: Will Chicago Baseball Be Over Thursday?
Show Details24min 24s
159: Sox Take Game 1
Show Details15min 14s
158: Chicago Playoff Preview
Show Details54min 18s
157: Bears 30 Falcons 26
Show Details25min 18s
156: The Sky is Falling and Nothing is Good
Show Details44min 30s
155: Cowley Reviews NBA 2K21
Show Details38min 4s
154: Sarah Gorden
Show Details40min 32s
153: Lost Weekend For Cubs & Sox
Show Details44min 18s
152: Bears Survive Giants 17-13
Show Details20min 51s
151: Sox Clinch. Cubs on a Roll.
Show Details59min 16s
150: Steve Rosenbloom
Show Details1hr 35min
149: Alec Mills Throws A No-No
Show Details47min 47s
148: Bears 27 Lions 23
Show Details22min 27s
143: Ricky for AL MOY?
Show Details1hr 8min
142: A Tale of Two First Place Teams
Show Details1hr 1min
141: Cowley Reviews Madden 21
Show Details37min 3s
140: Mitch is the Starter!
Show Details18min 48s
139: Ian Happ's MVP Case
Show Details54min 19s
138: John Thompson's Impact on basketball and the Black Community
Show Details16min 59s
137: Cubs & Sox at the Trade Deadline
Show Details50min 30s
136: The Tragic Loss of Chadwick Boseman
Show Details45min 56s
135: Joe Drops Bombs On The Cubs
Show Details48min 10s
134: Lucas Throws A No-No!!!
Show Details18min 46s
133: Baseball From Home: Cubs/Sox Weekend Recap
Show Details58min 31s
132: Mike Brown
Show Details1hr 25min
131: Crosstown Preview
Show Details56min 12s
130: I'm A Trubisky Guy Now
Show Details35min 37s
129: Courtney Gousman
Show Details1hr 4min
128: Bears Re-Set
Show Details37min 49s
127: Owning A World Series Ring
Show Details31min 3s
126: Mina Kimes
Show Details54min 38s
125: Leaving NBC Sports Chicago
Show Details41min 2s
124: The Hamilton Pod
Show Details1hr 12min
123: Baseball From Home Podcast Episode 2
Show Details55min 12s
122: Baseball From Home Podcast Episode 1
Show Details40min 48s
121: Nader Issa
Show Details1hr 11min
120: Connor McKnight's Cubs/Sox Preview
Show Details1hr 11min
119: Meet My Mom, Rosemary Holmes
Show Details1hr 28min
118: Jonathan Hood
Show Details1hr 25min
117: The Rocky Roundtable
Show Details1hr 16min
116: Cortney Hall
Show Details1hr 9min
115: Sarah Kustok
Show Details57min 7s
114: Meet My Dad, Warren W. Holmes
Show Details1hr 7min
113: Cisco Cotto
Show Details1hr 6min
112: The Equality of Brutality
Show Details41min 53s
111: Matt Abbatacola
Show Details1hr 44min
110: Erica Nicole Clark
Show Details1hr 28min
109: The Mystery of Effa Manley
Show Details40min 10s
108: Craig Hodges
Show Details1hr 21min
107: Sarah Jindra
Show Details37min 19s
106: Spice Adams
Show Details56min 6s
105: Peggy Kusinski
Show Details1hr 20min
104: Lance Briggs
Show Details49min 19s
103: Bulls Hire Arturas Karnisovas
Show Details37min
102: Rick Camp Breaks Down The Bulls
Show Details37min 42s
101: Stephen Bardo
Show Details55min 15s
100: Afua Owusu
Show Details1hr 51min
99: Patrick Mooney
Show Details1hr 3min
98: Robert "Scoop" Jackson
Show Details1hr 22min
97: Doug Bruno
Show Details46min 40s
96: Nina Hajian
Show Details37min 53s
95: Paula Faris
Show Details51min 43s
94: Adam Amin
Show Details1hr 10min
93: Kerry Sayers
Show Details1hr 6min
92: Laura Britt
Show Details32min 33s
91: House of L Presents PTBNL
Show Details1hr 9min
90: Luke Thomas
Show Details36min 29s
89: Gordon Wittenmyer
Show Details1hr 14min
88: Phil Donlon
Show Details1hr 22min
87: Michelle McMahon
Show Details56min 22s
86: Tim Hardaway Sr.
Show Details54min 40s
85: Siafa Lewis
Show Details1hr 58min
84: Josina Anderson
Show Details59min 50s
83: Chris Rongey
Show Details1hr 47min
82: Joe Cowley
Show Details1hr 40min
81: Kenzie K
Show Details1hr 25min
80: Marcus Leshock
Show Details1hr 2min
79: Evan F. Moore
Show Details1hr 14min
78: Sahadev Sharma
Show Details1hr 23min
77: Gary Gulman
Show Details34min 30s
76: Cubs Marquee Network
Show Details50min 36s
75: Shakeia Taylor
Show Details1hr 20min
74: Lauren Magiera
Show Details58min 12s
73: Tom Dreesen
Show Details1hr 16min
72: Elliott Serrano
Show Details1hr 35min
71: Camron Smith
Show Details1hr 10min
70: Pat McGann
Show Details54min 1s
69: Black Like Me
Show Details35min 46s
68: Alex Brown
Show Details1hr 59min
67: Comedian Dave Helem
Show Details1hr 6min
66: Jason Goff Returns
Show Details1hr 47min
65: Leila Rahimi
Show Details1hr 9min
64: Keisha Howard
Show Details1hr 13min
63: Pat Hughes
Show Details41min
62: Fate of House of L
Show Details29min 1s
61: Tom Thayer
Show Details1hr 7min
60: Gabe Ramirez
Show Details1hr 22min
59: Kathy Chaney
Show Details1hr 40min
58: Adam Rittenberg
Show Details1hr 11min
57: Chris Tannehill
Show Details2hr 14min
56: Chicago Sports Historian Jack M. Silverstein
Show Details1hr 7min
55: Dionne Miller
Show Details58min 19s
54: Mark Grote
Show Details1hr 30min
53: Tony Andracki
Show Details53min 11s
52: Joe Ostrowski
Show Details1hr 54min
51: Jori Parys
Show Details1hr 8min
50: Bears Lose Wild Card Game
Show Details25min 57s
49: Ramie Makhlouf, Laura Okmin
Show Details48min 34s
48: Bears 24 Vikings 10
Show Details24min 20s
47: Jake Johnson
Show Details39min 25s
46: Bears 14 SF 9
Show Details21min 24s
45: Laurence Holmes (Part 2)
Show Details1hr 14min
Show Details26min 57s
43: Laurence Holmes Introducing: Bella Michaels & Matthew Zaiff Part 1
Show Details1hr 19min
42: Bears 15 Rams 6
Show Details29min 22s
41: Herb Lawrence
Show Details1hr 19min
40: Giants 30 Bears 27 OT
Show Details29min 31s
39: The Iron Bowl w/ Tony Gill & Terrell Davis
Show Details1hr 3min
38: Bears 23 Lions 16
Show Details18min 50s
37: Bears 25 Vikings 20
Show Details25min 10s
36: Jordan Cornette
Show Details1hr 33min
35: Bears 34 Lions 22
Show Details21min 52s
34: Lourdes Duarte
Show Details57min 20s
33: Bears 41 Bills 9
Show Details27min 5s
32: Siera Santos
Show Details1hr 4min
31: Bears 24 Jets 10
Show Details19min 40s
30: George Ofman
Show Details49min 26s
29: Patriots 38 Bears 31
Show Details29min 28s
28: Kelly Crull
Show Details1hr 27min
27: Miami 31 Bears 28 (OT)
Show Details25min 55s
26: Adam Hoge
Show Details1hr 27min
25: Jim Rose
Show Details42min 58s
24: Bears 48 Bucs 10
Show Details23min 35s
23: John Wiedeman
Show Details1hr
22: Bears 16 Cardinals 14
Show Details30min 47s
21: Charles "Peanut" Tillman
Show Details1hr 24min
20: Bears 24 Seattle 17
Show Details29min 25s
19: Michael Kim
Show Details1hr 2min
18: Packers 24 Bears 23
Show Details25min 5s
17: Kopech Injured
Show Details26min 10s
16: Shannon Ryan
Show Details58min 36s
15: Khalil Mack Trade
Show Details24min 54s
14: Barry Rozner
Show Details1hr 15min
13: Sarah Spain
Show Details1hr 21min
12: Lin Brehmer
Show Details58min 22s
11: Ben Bradley
Show Details46min 43s
10: Dan Zampillo (Me & Z Show)
Show Details56min 18s
9: Mike Hall
Show Details1hr 9min
8: Justin Roman
Show Details50min 24s
7: Kyle Higgins
Show Details53min 15s
6: U of C Sports History
Show Details42min 37s
5: Mark Schanowski
Show Details24min 3s
4: Cheryl Scott
Show Details44min
3: Jason Goff Part 2
Show Details52min 10s
2: Jason Goff
Show Details54min 14s
1: Jason Benetti
Show Details30min 3s