House Common Blood

A 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Homebrew Adventure, where we tell a collaborative story during gameplay. We explore the start of a new and bloody era called The Golden Age of Conquest, where a World War between nations brings ruin to the supercontinent, Pangaea. The adventure follows the theme of war from small-scale conflicts such as gang warfare and fantasy drugs ruling the streets of a harbor, to empires devouring nearby territories to become the first hegemon. It's all a race to slaughter the competitors before sentient calamities end us all.


Episode 16: Ventriloquist Valentine
Show Details1hr 17min
Episode 15: The Siege of Drogue Port
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode: 14 Bhaal
Show Details1hr 20min
Episode 13: The Church of Delgrr
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 12: The White Rabbit
Show Details58min 9s
Episode 11: Chaos to the Fly
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 10: Normal to the Spider
Show Details1hr 14min
Episode 9: A Frog in the Throat
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 8: Silent Night Mare
Show Details1hr 27min
Episode 7: The Jade Hand
Show Details1hr 26min
Episode 6 Bystander at the Switch
Show Details1hr 28min
Episode 5: Metamorphosis
Show Details1hr 31min
Episode 4 The Magical Inquisition
Show Details1hr
Episode 3: Numb Tongue
Show Details1hr 15min
Episode 2: Clear Water Sailing
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 1: The Angler Mimic
Show Details1hr 26min