Hot Takeout

This is the double-cheeseburger of Interview-style podcasts. But instead of a double stack of mostly-beef patties, you get conversations with guests from the music world with a LOT of fast food references stacked on top. My goal is to serve up a great combo (see, it started already) of fun and intriguing conversations with guests that are artists, musicians or performers and get caught up on NOW through their eyes. We will talk, play games and bond over odd drive-thru habits. And sure, maybe the second time you listen you actually feel some shame for having CHOSEN to even when you knew what you were getting in to. Much like that feeling you get after a late night run through a very popular taco chain but somehow that feeling doesn't stop you from coming back a third time. This is a peanut free, gluten-tolerant, with a side of sarcasm dish and its ready now for you to enjoy… or at least like fast food, at least consume.


41: Extra Value Episode - Menu Change
Show Details10min 31s
40: Menu Change Complete - Welcome Jill Victoria!
Show Details30min 47s
39: Menu Change Soon
Show Details1min 37s
38: Jordan Feliz & Cap'n Makin' It Happen!
Show Details20min 20s
37: Josh Lauritch Likes Plain Ice Cream
Show Details14min 48s
36: Blanca VS Hurricane Dorian
Show Details27min 49s
35: Chris Brown...The One From Elevation Worship
Show Details20min 54s
34: John Cooper and 23 Flavors of Goodness
Show Details21min 34s
33: is this what I ordered?
Show Details4min 17s
32: Extra Value Episode - Euvoia and No Drive-Thrus. Period.
Show Details15min 3s
31: Euvoia (Jared eats coffee...or something like that)
Show Details39min 51s
30: The Afters and Macarons (Not Macaroons)
Show Details22min 1s
29: Extra Value - Caitie Hurst
Show Details11min 15s
28: Caitie Hurst Fights Gummy Bears
Show Details27min 58s
27: The Krabby Patty and Sean Be
Show Details36min 23s
26: Chad Bradley - Table For One
Show Details4min 23s
25: Clay Finnesand and the Lou Oval Dew Over
Show Details32min 51s
24: Seconds with Josh Lauritch
Show Details23min 18s
23: Extra Value Episode - I've Got A Complicated Order
Show Details3min 14s
22: Emily Brimlow is skater-girl-soul-pop
Show Details36min 18s
21: Luke who? Cyrus. Luke Cyrus. Remember that name.
Show Details29min 31s
20: Lance Brown of Dream Label Group Does Not Eat Kiwi's
Show Details40min 28s
19: Extra Value Episode - Austin French
Show Details12min 45s
18: Austin French and the Impossible Burger
Show Details43min 38s
17: Extra Value Episode - PEABOD
Show Details17min 39s
16: PEABOD - Hold The Gluten
Show Details47min 54s
15: Extra Value Episode - Ty Brasel Loves and Blessed Be The Chicken
Show Details9min 20s
14: Ty Brasel Loves Chic-fil-a
Show Details33min 39s
13: Extra Value Episode - Tiger Drive
Show Details15min 32s
12: Tiger Drive & Low Carb Tiger Blood
Show Details42min 45s
11: Extra Value Episode - Joshua Micah and You
Show Details13min 53s
10: Joshua Micah VS Whataburger
Show Details43min 10s
9: Extra Value - Steven Malcolm. Hold the Sushi.
Show Details17min 19s
8: Steven Malcolm Votes Waffles House
Show Details21min 17s
7: Burritos with Luke Smallbone from for King & Country
Show Details18min 14s
6: Extra Value Episode - Jen Ledger and 3 Questions. That's it.
Show Details4min 3s
5: Jen Ledger and Chugging Maple Syrup
Show Details34min 48s
4: Extra Value: Apollo LTD & Who Done It
Show Details8min 35s
3: Apollo LTD and Cheese Puffs
Show Details57min 24s
2: Extra Value - Dan Bremnes & Chocolate Milk Fingers
Show Details8min 4s
1: Hummus with Dan Bremnes
Show Details22min 26s
Episode Zero - Free Sample
Show Details1min 25s