• Rich Witch with Holly Loxton

    Holly returns to share everything she's learned over the past two years to activate and embody abundance in all areas of her life after losing everything, again. What I love about Holly is that she holds nothing back. She's dedicated to her own personal and spiritual development, openly sharing what she learns along the way... and as much as she's highly skilled in trauma, having trained and worked alongside renowned high-level leadership, mindset and energy experts across the globe, this next phase has all led to her Rich Witch program, where she brings together everything she wishes she knew to begin with about being successful AND happy.

    You can find Holly at https://www.hollyloxton.com.au and Insta @hollyloxton_coach for more of her tips

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    56m | Apr 23, 2022
  • The Embodied Leader with Kelly Carthy

    I was blessed to experience Kelly's grounded guidance in the Create Community last year, and even more grateful to delve further into her magic during this conversation.

    From a mum on the brink of wanting to end her own life to completely transforming her world, this woman now lives in an idyllic location on the east coast of Australia supporting her family doing what she loves.

    Kelly shares how she helps seemingly successful women return to a place where they can tune into themselves and reconnect to their own innate wisdom, so they can truly access their greatest potential.

    So many gems!

    find her on socials or visit www.kellycarthy.com for more

    Much Love xo

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    47m | Aug 15, 2021
  • Living in Joy and Divinity with Marci Lock

    Marci Lock, also known as, SunDari, the Alchemist of Light and Liberation, is a Global Heart & Feel Leader for the planet and guide to lasting healing and rapid transformation.

    Many know the story of how she made her way from a single mum working as a $2/hr waitress to taking on million-dollar clients.

    In this magical conversation she guides us beyond the surface-level self-empowerment to reveal the truths within operating from heart consciousness. She's known for Activating DNA, Divine Remembrance, Liberation, Abundance, and Wholeness Codes for all of humankind to truly become the New Humans of a New Earth and I've had the pleasure of experiencing much of this first-hand.

    And, she's giving away her Quantum Leap Transformation Package to HMG listeners! Head to www.marcilockexpansion.com/qlp and enter the code ALCHEMIST (all caps) to get it for free!

    Much Love x

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    1h 2m | Jul 11, 2021
  • Gene Keys with Costa Symeonidis

    Costa Symeonidis is a multi-national Gene Keys Guide and Purpose Coach and as I discovered, a man whose truth emanates from his heart.

    This conversation weaved the Gene Keys, the art of contemplation, and the energetic potency of words to share how we can unveil the eternal spark of genius hidden in our DNA, regardless of our circumstances.

    It’s no surprise that only through Costa’s own experience of facing the challenges with his inner shadows has he understood the full potential of the Gene Keys. 

    He shares this teaching rooted in science and the I Ching to help us uncover the hidden beauty within to live our full potential, allowing us to realise we alone are the architect of our evolution.

    Book your session here: https://www.costa.global/

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    56m | Jun 27, 2021
  • The Art Of Living with Lauren Monty

    This woman has a vision as big as her heart. Lauren speaks into her journey from disembodied spirituality to mind-obsessed self-development, and a realisation her true path to consciously creating a life she loves, while simultaneously birthing her vision for the world, is found in weaving together both the seen and unseen aspects of life.

    We also cover body shame, her favourite daily rituals, and how she's learned to embrace the art of living creatively.

    Much Love xo

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    58m | Jun 6, 2021
  • Raise Your Frequency for Success with Chiara Sharp

    Chiara is a professional Success Coach & Proctor Gallagher Consultant specialising in Mindset & Vibrational Alignment, and a successful network marketer. We cover the how-to's on raising your vibration for success, some mindset tools, and also delve into creating another income stream through network marketing.

    It's a juicy one so get comfy!

    Much love xo

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    51m | May 17, 2021
  • Forgiving A Monster with Mona Bantle

    Mona Bantle shares her incredible 29-year journey of fear, rage, and forgiveness for the man who violently assaulted, raped, and abducted her while she was working in real estate. Many of those years were spent suppressing it all with prescription drugs and alcohol, but her desire to speak up led to finding peace and healing for herself and her attacker.

    Hers was the first case that allowed DNA testing, and she was the first victim to be allowed to share her testimony in court.

    Because of this brave woman and the power of her voice over 100 other victims were discovered. God knows how many more saved from the same atrocities. And she's only just getting started.

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    46m | May 2, 2021
  • Boundaries, Breathing & Letting Go with Renee Gould

    If you struggle with feeling respected or honouring your boundaries this conversation will make so much sense, and help you turn it all around. Renee joins us again to expand on the meridian magic of summer and give us an insight into what the energies of Autumn mean for our bodies, our minds and energetically.

    I discovered my issues with boundaries were linked in with the lungs and how I breathe, and received some gold on how to honour myself without feeling like I'm letting down those I love.

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    58m | Apr 12, 2021
  • Sex, Drugs, Rock & Frequency with Ruth G

    Shame, rejection, judgement. Feeling alone without ever really being alone. When you’re born gay into a strict religious community it’s just your version of ‘normal’. Damaging, yes, but it’s the harsh reality Ruth G found herself in as she fumbled her way through trusting what felt so right and being told was so unforgivably wrong.

    But for Ruth, it was exactly what set her free.

    Immerse yourself in this deeply impactful yet fun conversation with Frequency DJ, Inspirational Speaker, Podcast host, & Coach Ruth G, where we delve right into the sex, drugs & rock & roll lifestyle that landed her so perfectly where she is today, inspiring others and using her voice to raise frequency instead of chaos!

    Much Love xo

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    47m | Mar 28, 2021
  • One Event That Changed Everything - My Own Story.

    It's time I shared my own story, because this is why I'm here. The Story Alchemist. And this time it's alchemising my own story of being a victim to circumstance, of how my life took a completely different turn due to one tragic event.

    Super grateful for you taking the time to listen and I hope you find some little nuggets in there.

    Much Love, Sally Jane xo

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    35m | Mar 6, 2021
  • Colouring Outside the Lines with Sharon Tudor Smith

    Artist Sharon Tudor Smith shares how she wound up following her passion to become a full-time artist after being led down a path that wasn't so aligned, yet at the same time gifted her such a solid foundation. The perfect imperfection from us both is also a wonderful reminder that the personal development journey is just that... a wild adventure and opportunity to bring awareness and humour to the moments we fall back into old patterns... which is the ultimate path to transmuting them.

    Such an insightful and beautiful conversation with so much gold, or should I say a full palette of wisdom for us to embody.

    Much Love xo

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    33m | Dec 12, 2020
  • Meridian Medicine with Renee Gould

    Get comfy for this one...

    My warm-hearted Soul Sister Renée Gould is a passionate, multi-modality practitioner who shares her vast wisdom of the Meridians, the bridge of communication between universal, Earth and elemental energies.

    She speaks into flowing with the seasons, our organs, and how when we're disconnected and not so aligned, there'll be stagnation or distortion to the flow of Qi and blood, which can manifest as dis-ease or disharmony, from a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level, or even all four levels.

    This conversation was so potent we've decided to bring Renee back at the beginning of each season to really delve into the magic of fully harmonising with each one for us. Yay!

    Much Love xo

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    49m | Nov 28, 2020
  • Honouring The Divine Masculine with Jim Locke

    It's such an honour to share this chat with Jim Locke, who unashamedly dives deep into his own wounds to be a better dad, better lover, better friend, and better human. 

    Jim creates incredible experiences for men and women to take back their power through Breathwork and Plant Magic (including my beloved sacred cacao).

    Founder of "Connect To Your Truth" … an experience, a group, a movement, he is a shining example of how one man can choose to overcome his struggles, letting go of old patterns and stories to completely change the trajectory of his life. He’s gone from daily drinking and operating from the wounded masculine to lovingly and so powerfully supporting the rising feminine during this incredible time on our planet. 

    Much Love xo

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    49m | Nov 22, 2020
  • Claiming Your Powerful Self with Jax Emilio Robinson

    With Mars retrograde ending, the new beginnings of Scorpio’s new moon energy is the perfect time to be releasing this podcast episode with Jax, Queen of new beginnings.

    Molested as a child, beaten as an adolescent, bullied as a teen, broken as an adult. Jax is intimately familiar with the contrast between how debilitating life can be and the sweet relief that comes from being completely free. She now shares divine wisdom, law of attraction teachings, guidance in principles of successful manifesting, visualizations, quantum business strategies, soul transformations, light language & spirit channeling.

    We have a shared love of the vibrational power of words, so it’s no surprise we start there before the conversation weaves where it was divinely guided to take us.

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    49m | Nov 14, 2020
  • Money, Judgement & Intention with Lana Jackson

    Sometimes the path is only there to show us which way we don't want to go, yet it's still an essential part of our journey. That's exactly what acclaimed Astrologer, and Intuitivepreneur Lana Jackson shares about her twists and turns. She knows sometimes success means tapping into yourself to figure out who you really are, and that may mean one chapter must close for the new one to open.

    We also talk about the vibration of money, the power of intention, oh and we may just push a few buttons when it comes to judgement, but we go there anyway.

    Much Love xo

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    55m | Oct 10, 2020
  • Womb Wisdom with Amelia Jayne

    I knew this was going to get interesting... and that it did!

    Internationally acclaimed Energetic Healer, Astral Shaman and Womb Activator Amelia Jayne takes us on a deep journey down the rabbit hole of the collective evolution into the new paradigm. Amelia explains how activating the 7th gate of the womb gives access to the powerful black light, and she also speaks into the crumbling of energetic structures, timelines, and our current way of life...parallel realities merging, false guru's being called out and energetic raping of others to make money will stop. 

    It's a juicy one!

    Much Love xo

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    42m | Oct 3, 2020
  • Owning it All with Ashley Hall

    Ashely Hall is no stranger to love, loss and letting it all go. Her story takes us to the depths of despair, heartbreak, and tragedy, and how owning it all is key to heal ourselves and help others along the way. Ashley is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Polarity Therapist, Ancient Shamanic Medicine Woman and Breathwork Facilitator (with a host of tools she picked up along her own journey to embracing her inner strength. If you need inspiration, you've found it here.

    Much Love xo

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    47m | Sep 26, 2020
  • Alchemising our Stories with Bron Lea

    My Soul Sister Bron Lea shares how we can change the patterns holding us back from our past, conditioning and beliefs at a cellular level through alchemising the stories we so dearly hold on to.

    Bron is the Founder & Master StoryTeller Alchemist at STARR Collective, and through her own story of overcoming PST and running her own successful business as a trauma therapist, all while homeschooling 3 kids on the spectrum, she truly is lighting the way for others on a global scale.

    Much Love xo

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    1h 6m | Sep 20, 2020
  • It's All Energy & Vibration with Aveni

    My beautiful Soul Sister Aveni returns to talk all things energy... and how easy it is to unconsciously project onto others, receive it, or hold it all in (effectively projecting onto ourselves) whether it's positive or negative. Aveni is a Vibrational Alchemist, BodySoul Wisdom Mentor, and AVESA Medical Intuitive to name just a few of her many gifts, and she weaves them all potently through this conversation.

    And if you love what HMG is all about, we'd be so grateful if you subscribe/follow, and send us some love via a rating and review. Much Love xo

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    40m | Sep 13, 2020
  • Pleasure & PussyTalk with Jordana Ezra

    It's all about the pleasure in this episode with Sex Witch and Femme Sexuality Coach Jordana Ezra. Well, of course with that comes all the shame and pain along the way to fully embracing our sexual goddess, and realising pleasure & play are key to manifesting our wildest dreams. 

    Jordana takes us on a journey through being labelled and bullied in her teens to studying nutrition and coaching, to embracing her passion at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, partnering with women to embrace an empowered relationship with their pussy so they can experience mind-blowing pleasure and live in their sexual wholeness... yes please! 

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    53m | Sep 6, 2020
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