A Dark Memory: Horror Stories

Horror stories based on legends and folklore. A collection of short horror tales adapted from scary stories that have haunted us for generations.


Encounters With the Black-Eyed Children
Show Details12min 32s
The Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Show Details11min 36s
The Haunted Tavern in Hawk Mountain
Show Details12min 47s
Jack the Ripper and His Twisted Murders
Show Details15min 10s
The Internet's Biggest Mystery: Cicada 3301
Show Details11min 59s
Haunted: The Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah, Georgia
Show Details7min 48s
La Llorona: The Legend of the Weeping Woman
Show Details8min 29s
Sleep Paralysis: Demons Come at Night
Show Details16min 3s
Haunted: Ghosts of the White House
Show Details16min 26s
Darkness in Our Fairy Tales
Show Details17min 50s
Mysterious Encounters With the Men in Black
Show Details20min 17s
Cryptid Sightings: The Mothman
Show Details17min 6s
Cropsey, The Real Boogeyman of Staten Island
Show Details14min 56s
Death at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles
Show Details14min 31s
Murder Mystery: The Lizzie Borden House
Show Details16min 23s
Abandoned: The Spirits of Calico Ghost Town in California
Show Details15min 19s
Vengeful Spirit: The Bell Witch Haunting
Show Details14min 35s
Haunted Ship: Ghosts of the Queen Mary
Show Details11min 42s
Sightings: The Creepy Clowns
Show Details15min 47s
Attempted Murder: The Slender Man Case
Show Details10min 56s
Alien Abduction: The UFO Incident of Barney and Betty Hill
Show Details17min 11s
Cursed: Superstition Mountains in Arizona, USA
Show Details13min 11s
Haunted: Riverdale Road in Colorado, USA
Show Details10min 23s
The Goatman's Bridge in Texas, USA
Show Details9min 53s
The Witch of Monterrey
Show Details9min 21s
Under the Bed
Show Details5min 31s
The Hauntings of the Hills
Show Details9min 37s
Dark Canyon Roads
Show Details11min 53s
A Scratch at the Door
Show Details7min 6s