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Allen & John discuss news and happenings in and around the horror film community


Our last Halloween Ends video? (Pt 2)
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Our Last Halloween Ends update? (pt 1)
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Weekly Horror news and The Black Phone review
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Halloween Ends ending undecided!!
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Hellraiser, Scream 6, Friday the 13th & more!
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Two versions of Halloween Ends?
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Terrifier 2, Killer Klowns, Hellraiser and more
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Halloween Ends 2nd test screeining!
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Weekly Horror News! 8/12/22
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Halloween Ends trailer breakdown Pr 2
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Halloween Ends trailer breakdown Pt 1
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Weekly Horror News! Chucky, Munsters & more!
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Halloween Ends trailer reaction!
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Weekly Horror news
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Halloween Ends test screening reactions!
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More Halloween ends news, rumors, and your comments!
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More Halloween ends news, rumors, and updates Pt1
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Halloween Ends discussion
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Horror News & Halloween Ends... Nope!
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Mega episode Pt: 2 Halloween ends and comments!
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Horror news! Scream 6, Hocus Pocus 2, and some crazy Halloween ends theories Pt: 1
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Hallowen ends news. Trailer this Friday?
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Scream 6 and other horror news
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Halloween Ends and other horror news
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Ranking our top 10 Horror songs and themes.
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Is Halloween ends the Finale?
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Horror news update
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Is Halloween Ends an Homage to Christine?
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Random news! TCM game, The NUN, Hocus Pocus and more!
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Is Halloween Ends all just a dream?
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Horror news update and Halloween Ends
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Halloween ends trailer comic con reaction!
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"X" review
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Horror news and updates
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Halloween Ends Theories
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Halloween Ends Update
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Author James Dermond
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Chucky TV series
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre review
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Dexter New Blood
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Horror Guys Exorcism of god trailer reaction
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Horror Guys Episode 4 Halloween ends update!
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer reaction
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Episode 2 Scream (2022)
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Episode 1 Halloween Kills
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