Hope For Today

Hope For Today host Terry Carroll has a passion for Bible study and serving God in various capacities like teaching Sunday School and directing children's choirs. The consistent theme of the program is that there is always Hope.

While attending many Bible conferences across our state, Terry had the privilege of hearing some of the great Bible teachers of our time. She felt God calling her to a radio ministry, which began in October of 2015. 

Through different programs, including the testimonies of former drug addicts, people who have lost children, those who have salvaged their marriages, people who have survived close calls with death (and some who did not survive), because our hope is not in this world. 

A Smithfield native, Terry attended UNC-Chapel Hill, is the mother of 3 children and grandmother of 7. She continues to work in the family business, Carroll Pharmacy (sponsor of the program), that she and her husband, Kay, started in 1977. 


Hope For Today
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Graduation Part 2
Show Details29min 19s
Memorial Day
Show Details25min 8s
Show Details29min 25s
Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us
Show Details23min 22s
Mother's Day
Show Details26min 28s
What Is the Size Of Your Cross?
Show Details17min 59s
Soldiers Of Cross
Show Details30min 3s
Martin Luther
Show Details28min 36s
Do You Believe In Easter
Show Details28min 12s
He Lives / Easter
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What Can We Do
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First Time Pat
Show Details23min 19s
Spring Forward
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Vitamin Story
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Blessed Assurance
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Charles Spurgeon
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Invocation Of the Sleeper
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Super Bowl Vs Game Of Life
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Apostle Paul
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Velma Barfield And John Newton
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A Walk Thru Ecclesiastes
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New Year
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Handel Christmas
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Forgiveness (Pearl Harbor)
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George Johnson Escape From A World Of Hurt
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After Thanksgiving
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A Day With the Ugly Duckling
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Election Day
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Wise Man Builds On A Rock
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David Livingston's Story
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Dominion Of His Endeavor
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Great Is Thy Faithfullness
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What Valley Are You In Today?
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Melissa Tart Testimony (Recovered Drug Addict)
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We Didn't Know What To Do
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John Fox Testimony (Loss Of Son)
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Love One Another Command
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