• NBA Deep Dive: Analytics

    I do a quick deep dive into the advanced stats within the NBA!

    19m | Dec 11, 2021
  • The Carushow/ Lakers' situation

    I go over my thoughts on the Bulls' and Lakers' start to the season and HOOPFOOD's status

    11m | Oct 24, 2021
  • The Westbrook Situation

    Thoughts on Russell Westbrook's addition to the Los Angeles Lakers' roster.

    20m | Sep 25, 2021
  • The Ben Simmons Problem

    Reasons why Joel Embiid & Ben Simmons aren't meshing together well.

    13m | Sep 13, 2021
  • Great Players Could've Played In Any Era

    I express my thoughts on my believed misperceptions of some NBA fans.

    15m | Sep 8, 2021
  • The Importance of Watching Sports Film

    Watching film of the game, going over each play, starting and stopping the film can be very beneficial to broadening your understand of what is going on in the game.

    11m | Aug 17, 2021
  • I'm Happy for Chris Paul

    My thoughts on Chris Paul's success this season as he tries to grab his first ever championship.

    5m | Jul 11, 2021
  • Let's celebrate Lebron

    We don't need to pile on Lebron and disrespect that man just because he didn't fit your expectations. Let's celebrate one of the greatest all time players.

    19m | Jun 8, 2021
  • Disgusting Fan Spits on Trae Young; Another Pours Popcorn on Russell Westbrook's Head

    I go over my thoughts on the fan who spit on Trae Young, the fan who poured popcorn on Russell Westbrook, and the history behind this behavior.

    6m | May 27, 2021
  • You Don't have to Debate to Talk Hoops!

    In this episode I go over my feelings on the volatile nature of 'sports talk', and the current state of HOOPFOOD.

    18m | May 11, 2021
  • The Gravity of Stephen Curry

    I go in depth about my feelings on how great Stephen Curry is -- with our without the ball. Talking about his career, and how great his team has been despite injuries! HOOPFOOD!

    12m | Apr 18, 2021
  • Deep Dive: Atlanta Hawks

    A look into the Atlanta Hawks' numbers. Team & individual.

    7m | Apr 3, 2021
  • Drummond Acquisition

    Los Angeles Lakers have acquired another big man as they turn the corner into the playoffs.

    4m | Apr 1, 2021

    A quick discussion on some of the best of all time.

    10m | Jan 31, 2021
  • Launch: Sample Upload

    This is audio from 3 years ago from the HoopFood Youtube channel. A sample of what to expect from the pod going forward.

    9m | Dec 25, 2020
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