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Tea and a Read. A small podcast on books, fun reads, manga and Anime. With some commentary on sexual things. Feel free to email me at, Instagram TheHooligans_Podcast for any comments or suggestions or follow me on TikTok @Baddybe


Review of YY "Caught" with Bakugo & Kiri
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Reddit Horror stories & Chat
Show Details37min 7s
New Yaoi, doujinshis and Chat
Show Details34min 5s
Halloween Stories, Movies and Pranks
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werewolf aizawa Review
Show Details23min 59s
New Manga, Mha ratings & tattoo chat
Show Details39min 36s
YY updates, Halloween, New ASMR, & Chat
Show Details24min 44s
YY updates, Kakashi ASMR suggestions,
Show Details26min 42s
PSA, Podcast changes
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New manga, Yaoi and Audio P*rn
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Sero Mafia YY And drunken Chat
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Aizawa Night classes reaction YY
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ASMR Anime Fanfic, Yagmi updat and chat
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Anime chat, yagmi thoughts,
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Reviewing Yagami pig slut Hawks
Show Details19min 17s
Yagami updates, Shojo Anime, and chat
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Yagami Yato Aizawa pegging Reaction & pegging ranking
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Anime men I Simp for/ Anime recommendations
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Vampire yaoi
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updated yagami gang orca & Aizawa
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Reacting to yagami "Theif" &" Bakugou wants you back"
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Controversy on Yagami Yato and why it shouldn't be an Issue
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Rating Yagami Yato 7mintues in heaven
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Love Is An Illusion (Yaoi) manga ( What is audio P**n)
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BJ Alex Yoai
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