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Hook, Line and Sinker

Welcome to the Hook, Line and Sinker Podcast! Hosted by Coops, Edgie and Harvey. Join us for weekly takes on day to day life and current affairs.

IG: hls_podcast

Coops: __jackcooper

Edgie: edgie7

Harv - harvrush

Any enquiries or questions please email hlspodcast20@gmail.com


The Penultimate Episode
Show Details36min 24s
Consistency FC
Show Details54min 35s
The Super League Conclusion, Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury and our guilty pleasures!
Show Details40min 35s
The Super League Special
Show Details43min 28s
Back Blower
Show Details37min 35s
Stiff Neck Syndrome
Show Details41min 10s
Bit sus mate
Show Details41min 54s
Steak & Poppadoms
Show Details38min 41s
The Comeback Pt 2
Show Details35min 26s
Episode 11 - Injecting hope into your arms this Christmas
Show Details34min 53s
Episode 10 - Lil Pimp
Show Details33min 52s
Episode 9 - Pablo Wedge
Show Details33min 23s
Episode 8 - Don't be an idiot
Show Details22min 43s
Episode 7 - The Comeback
Show Details32min 8s
Episode 6 -"Going Ghost"
Show Details40min 28s
Episode 5 - "The Comedown"
Show Details18min 42s
Episode 4 - "I text my mates Ex"
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 3 - "Top 3"
Show Details30min 48s
Episode 2 - "Tinder Talk"
Show Details36min 39s
Episode 1 - "Sorry Mum"
Show Details27min 28s
Hook, Line and Sinker Teaser
Show Details20s