• Multi Flower Honey

    Multi Flower Honey - Our multi-flower honey, which is high in minerals and vitamins, can be used as a healthy sugar substitute. Shop our multi flower honey which is a symphony of 100 percent pure, high-quality flora honey that has been pulverized. Bees collect nectar from numerous flowers growing near the valleys of Araku tucked in the Eastern Ghats to generate this pure Multi Flower Honey with flowery sweetness. Without adding any chemicals, the therapeutic benefits of these flowers are naturally transmitted in honey.

    0m - Dec 16, 2021
  • Himachal Multiflower Honey

    Himachal Multiflower Honey - Easily recognized by its light to dark hue, wonderful taste, and a strong tendency for crystallization, Himachal honey has its own share of benefits, which is why it is sought after far and wide. According to studies, Multi Flower Honey is one of the pure honey varieties, which is why we, at Honeybazzar, are making a concerted effort to provide you with the flavor and health benefits of this pure Himachal honey.

    0m - Dec 16, 2021
  • Himachal Honey

    Himachal Honey - Our Himachal honey, which is mostly produced by Apis cerana indica aka the Indian honeybee and Apis mellifera of Italy, has been thoroughly tested in terms of quality to ensure its quality to our customers. The given floral Himachal honey is produced utilizing natural components and a mix of the latest and state-of-the-art technologies. We provide high-quality variety of Multi Flower Himachal Honey which is 100% Natural and Organic by being abreast of market developments.

    0m - Dec 16, 2021
  • Kashmir Solai Honey

    Kashmir Solai Honey is light-colored high-quality honey that is developed and collected in Kashmir valley. Kashmir Solai honey is collected by Apis mellifera bees from Plectranthus Regosus, which is a medical shrub found in the serene environment of Kashmir valley. Moreover, our batches of Kashmir Solai honey are not passed through Ultrafiltration and heating channels since many studies conducted in the last two decades have shown that ultrafiltration and heating of honey completely destroy some micronutrients and nearly all delicate enzymes that are found in raw Kashmir Solai honey.

    0m - Dec 16, 2021
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