Honduras Now Podcast

The Honduras Now Podcast shares human rights stories and connects them to global issues and North American policy. Honduras Now provides on-the-ground analysis from host, Karen Spring, a long-time human rights activist and researcher, and Hondurans from all walks of life through interviews and trips around the country. 


Ep. 7: A Week to Remember: Freeing Political Prisoners
Show Details29min 8s
Ep. 6: The tourist industry and Garifuna land theft in Honduras
Show Details48min 15s
Ep. 5: "You took them alive, we want them back alive"
Show Details18min 20s
Ep. 4: Garifuna Lives Matter
Show Details28min 34s
Ep 3: Covid-19 and Corruption
Show Details23min 14s
Ep. 2: What the coup means 11 years later
Show Details20min 15s
Ep. 1: The 2009 coup d'état in Honduras
Show Details16min 40s
Ep 0: What's Honduras Now? Who's Karen Spring?
Show Details5min 50s