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Hoax of The Century

Independent Researcher Stephen Sindoni shares many unsolved mysteries on this thought provoking channel.


Obama Failed E Verify- Wake Up America!
Show Details22min 24s
Obama Bin Laden Revealed C.I.A. Deception
Show Details7min 28s
The Max Steel Show With Stephen Sindoni- Part 3 of 3
Show Details1hr 52min
The Max Steel Show With Stephen Sindoni- Part 2 of 3
Show Details1hr 58min
The Max Steel Show With Stephen Sindoni- Part 1 of 3
Show Details1hr 53min
The Smoky God- A Voyage To The Inner World
Show Details1hr 15min
Unexplained Mysteries- The Series
Show Details26min 11s
The Vedas Revealed
Show Details8min 1s
The Prophet Makes A Second Visit
Show Details7min 26s
The Case of The Calaveras Skull
Show Details6min 7s
Terrorist Attack of 1920 Revealed
Show Details3min 45s
Southern Light Revealed-Part 2 of 2
Show Details4min 50s
Secrets of The Hollow Earth
Show Details8min 12s
North American Native Legends
Show Details21min 37s
Lunar Camera Creator Mystery
Show Details4min 2s
Legends of The Three Crosses
Show Details7min 45s
Inner Earth Openings Revealed
Show Details5min 27s
Great Fire 1835 Revealed
Show Details5min 23s
Free Energy Interview With Inventor Jerry Thomas
Show Details53min 41s
Everybody Loves A Mystery
Show Details7min 33s
Do The Dead Return?
Show Details20min 8s
Hedge Creek Falls Revealed
Show Details33s
The Legend Of J.C. Brown Documentary
Show Details43min 37s
Open Canvas Freedom Slips Interview Part 2 of 2
Show Details1hr 1min
Open Canvas Freedom Slips Interview Part 1 of 2
Show Details1hr 43min
Stephen Sindoni with Connie Willis On C2C am- Part 2 of 2
Show Details34min 47s
Stephen Sindoni with Connie Willis On C2C am- Part 1 of 2
Show Details37min 41s
Truth Matters- Barack Obama is Prince Adulyadej of Thailand
Show Details31min 38s
Hoax of The Century Theme Song- Obama Is Osama
Show Details5min 2s
Working With Crystals
Show Details23min 41s
The History of Crystals
Show Details6min 32s
The Genesis Project- A Space Odyssey Final
Show Details4min 12s
Know Your Rights- Part 2
Show Details12min 32s
King Gesar of Ling
Show Details5min 4s
Kabbalah Revealed
Show Details4min 28s
Hollow Earth Entrances Revealed
Show Details8min 48s
Are Planets Hollow?
Show Details11min 52s
Angels, Crystals & More
Show Details52min 52s
A Fireman's Tale 911 Remembered
Show Details9min 35s
11-Who Was Nora Van Valer? - Part 11 Of 11
Show Details9min 50s
10-Who Was Queen Etruceana? - Part 10 Of 11
Show Details8min 59s
9-Unveiled Mysteries - Part 9 Of 11
Show Details9min 50s
8-A Race of Little Men On Mt. Shasta - Part 8 Of 11
Show Details6min 25s
7- Legends of Mt. Shasta Revealed - Part 7 Of 11
Show Details9min
6- The Golden Goddess of The Lemurians - Part 6 Of 11
Show Details8min 25s
5- Atlanteans In Mt. Shasta- Part 5 Of 11
Show Details8min 36s
4- The Lost Continent of The Pacific - Part 4 Of 11
Show Details8min 11s
3- The Mystique of The Magic Mountain - Part 3 Of 11
Show Details10min 17s
2- UFO's Fact or Fiction? - Part 2 Of 11
Show Details8min 24s
1- Legends of Mt. Shasta- Part 1 Of 11
Show Details5min
The Solfeggio Frequencies
Show Details7min 1s
Northern Lights Revealed-Part 1 of 2
Show Details3min 52s
Nativity Star Theory- Fact Or Fiction?
Show Details12min 2s
Hopi Prophesy Revealed
Show Details7min 55s
Healing Chakras
Show Details9min 43s
5-Unexplained Mysteries- Part 5 of 5
Show Details6min 23s
4-Unexplained Mysteries- Part 4 of 5
Show Details7min 7s
3-Unexplained Mysteries- Part 3 of 5
Show Details5min 13s
2-Unexplained Mysteries- Part 2 of 5
Show Details4min
1-Unexplained Mysteries- Part 1 of 5
Show Details5min 38s
7-Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames- Seventh Ray
Show Details6min 10s
6-Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames- Sixth Ray
Show Details3min 22s
5-Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames- Fifth Ray
Show Details12min 51s
4-Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames- Fourth Ray
Show Details13min 12s
3-Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames- Third Ray
Show Details6min 42s
2-Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames- Second Ray
Show Details5min 10s
1-Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames- 1st Day
Show Details7min 6s
The Man Who Discovered Something Incredible Inside Mt. Shasta
Show Details30min 58s
Dead Men Tell No Tales- Obama Is Osama
Show Details6min 48s
Plymouth Rock -American History Part 2 of 2
Show Details6min 32s
The Eugene Mallove Mystery
Show Details4min 22s
Eskimo Legends Revealed
Show Details6min 13s
DMSO Cancer Cure
Show Details10min 6s
Let There Be Light!
Show Details27min 9s
Arctic Secrets Revealed
Show Details11min 15s
Hollow Earth- Fact Or Fiction?
Show Details11min 51s
Plymouth Rock- American History Revealed- Part 1 of 2
Show Details17min 8s
American History Revealed
Show Details16min 45s
Stephen Sindoni with Cort Lindahl on Night Vision Radio
Show Details1hr 31min
Obama Surveillance Program Revealed
Show Details3min 56s
Youtube Censored Interview
Show Details17min 28s
Who Was Christopher Columbus?
Show Details51min 39s
The Lost Colony- Erik The Red Mystery Revealed
Show Details8min 26s
The King Of The World- Inner World Revealed
Show Details9min 21s
The 1851 Massacre Revealed
Show Details5min 22s
Telling It Like It Is- F.B.I. Surveillance
Show Details8min 53s
Obama Identity Revealed
Show Details57min 25s
Moon Landing Hoax- This program was Hacked!
Show Details39min 51s
Hollow Earth Location Revealed- Baffin Bay
Show Details12min 46s
History of Opium- CIA Bush Connection
Show Details14min 53s
Games Governments Play
Show Details5min 29s
An Innocent Man- The Warren Report Revealed
Show Details8min 19s
The Dr. Thiel Antarctica Mystery
Show Details5min 47s
Mt. Shasta Secret Societies Revealed
Show Details20min 40s
Solving The Legend of J.C. Brown
Show Details11min 33s
The Columbo Movie- The Obama Deception
Show Details15min 42s
Obama Osama Halloween Special
Show Details15min 1s
The Smoky God Revealed Revisited
Show Details16min 25s
Saint Germain Foundation Secrets Revealed
Show Details10min 56s
Mt. Shasta Secrets
Show Details5min 6s
Mt. Shasta Lemurian Legend Revealed
Show Details9min 31s
Bumper Music #2- The Obama Osama Name Game
Show Details3min 2s
Obama Osama Car Chase
Show Details1min 36s
Bumper Music #1- People Got To Be Free
Show Details3min 2s
Hollow Earth Chronicles Interview
Show Details12min 33s
Area 51 Revealed
Show Details7min 8s
Hoax of The Century- interview
Show Details57min 25s
Obama is Osama Network
Show Details44s
Hoax of The Century- Trailer
Show Details5min 6s
Hoax of The Century
Show Details15min 43s