E60: Reacting to the Titanic Sub Tragedy, OceanGate and Stockton Rush + Long Distance Relationships

44m | Jun 26, 2023

In this episode of The HISxHERS Podcast we talk about the tragic events surrounding the Titan submersible that was supposed to take 5 passengers including OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush to go see the wreckage of The RMS Titanic that ultimately claimed the lives of everyone on board. We discuss Stockton Rush's previous stances on safety to determine how much he is to blame. We also talk about the Messenia migrant boat disaster, involved a fishing boat smuggling migrants that sank off the coast of Pylos, Messenia, Greece. An estimated 400 to 750 migrants were onboard, and while 104 survivors were rescued, 82 bodies were recovered, and hundreds more are missing and presumed dead​.

Things get lighter as we recount the time David was working in a remote area and Nikki took a roadtrip to make sure David was behaving. Thoughts and prayers to all of the victims and families involved in this past weeks tragedies.

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