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Nikki Glamour and her husband David Sisneros discuss any and everything from trending topics, relationships, parenting, sports and politics. Experience us in our full, authentic and hilarious selves!


E52: You Won't Believe What Got Tory Lanez Arrested?! + Rapper Attends Own Funeral At A Nightclub?
Show Details43min 41s
E51: ACE Family Fest 2022... Coachella Mixed With What??
Show Details45min 58s
E50: Euphoria: What We Love And What We HATE + Reacting To Peacemaker + What Are Our Stripper Names?
Show Details51min 46s
E49: AMITA? Valentine's Day Edition
Show Details45min 5s
E48: How Men's Brains Really Work + Did We Sleep Together On The First Night?
Show Details48min 24s
E47: RIP Betty White And John Madden, New Year's Resolutions, Tristan Thompson Apologizes For...
Show Details54min 50s
E46: Why Women Like Pete Davidson?, Remembering Vicente Fernandez And Demaryius Thomas
Show Details45min 8s
E45: Reacting To Tristan Thompson And Khloe Kardashian Drama + Viagra Can Cure More Than Boners?
Show Details57min 47s
E44: The 5 Best Christmas Movies Of All Time + When We Learned The Truth About Santa Claus
Show Details35min
E43: Reacting To Kim Kardashian's New Relationship With Pete Davidson + Rating AMA Outfits!
Show Details45min 26s
E42: Reacting To DaBaby And DaniLeigh Instagram live Drama + AITA?
Show Details1hr 2min
Reacting To Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival | Who Is To Blame?
Show Details1hr 8min
E40: Facts About Women: What Women Really Mean When They Say "Sorry, I Fell Asleep" + Is It Cheating If..
Show Details55min 41s
Reacting To The Worst Halloween Costumes Of 2021
Show Details52min 37s
E38: Reacting To "You" Season 3 + Worst Date Ever Story Time
Show Details53min 48s
E37: Reacting To CreepyPasta Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Tom And Jerry and Squidward's S******
Show Details52min 22s
E36: Reacting To Couch Guy Tik Tok and Netflix's 'Squid Games' + Reacting To Male Privilege
Show Details51min 36s
Should Mexicans Speak Spanish In Mexico? + Richard Sherman Gets Arrested
Show Details56min 56s
E33: Depression, Free Britney Spears and Racist Tells People To Come "See Him" And They DO!!
Show Details57min 18s
E32: Frenemies Podcast Is No More And Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall "Box" It out
Show Details55min 24s
E31: Did We Really Land On The Moon? The FACTS NASA Hasn't Been Able To Give An Explanation For!
Show Details45min 18s
E30: Nikki To Be On Netflix's "The Circle"???!!
Show Details1hr
E28: Famous Cases Of Planes Disappearing In The Bermuda Triangle + What Happened To Flight MH370?
Show Details55min 11s
E27: Are We Moving? + Reacting To The Picture Khloe Kardashian Doesn't Want You To See!
Show Details50min 47s
Our Honeymoon Was Almost Ruined! + Who Is To Blame For Our Children??
Show Details47min 36s
E23: Why The Flat Earth Theory Is WRONG!!!
Show Details42min 29s
E22: New James Charles Drama, We Land On Mars? and China Apologizes To Joe Biden's Staff For...
Show Details1hr 11min
E21: Our Gorilla Glue Girl Moments, Ted Cruz Flees To Mexico and Kim and Kanye Divorce??
Show Details50min 59s
E20: Twitter Drama After Guy Threatens Our Children!
Show Details55min 53s
Ep. 16 Meg Thee Stallion And Tory Lanez Update + Reacting to Night Stalker"
Show Details52min 1s
Ep. 16 Donald Trump Gets Banned From Twitter & Will We Take The COVID Vaccine
Show Details55min 22s
E14: Reacting To The Selena Netflix Series
Show Details1hr 10min
Ep.12: 10 Christmas Gifts your Man Wants And 10 Gifts He DOESN'T Want!
Show Details58min 15s
Ep. 11: Nikki Wants To Start An OnlyFans!
Show Details57min 41s
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep. 9: Beauty Double Standards For Men And Women
Show Details53min 12s
Ep. 8: Debunking Election Myths 2020
Show Details42min 58s
E7: Reacting To Unnecessarily Provocative Costumes
Show Details55min 27s
Show Details47min 54s
Ep. 5: Seeing The Shadow Man *SCARY*
Show Details1hr 16min
Show Details1hr
Ep. 3: Double Standards For Men and Women!
Show Details55min 43s
Ep. 2: Going Through Eachother's TikTok FYPs and Humiliating Childhood Stories
Show Details59min 52s
Ep. 1: Why We Hate Family Channels
Show Details26min 12s