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George Washington
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Important founding documents and creating a government TWICE
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American Revolutionary War
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We are coming back!
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Happy New Year
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September 11, 2001: A timeline of events
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The Rising support for Independence of the colonies
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How American Colonies was founded
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This Day In History l April 4,2020
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I’m still here l One month away
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Season Four Trailer
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Season 3 Finale
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Season Two Finale
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The Costs of World War One
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Amendments 23-27
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S2 E4: The Battles of World War One
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Amendents 17-22
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S2 E3: Warfare
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Amendements 11-16
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War Fronts: S2 E2
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How the Bill of Rights were made s3e1
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Background to World War 1
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History Talks update
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JFK's Legacy
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Conspiracy Theories
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Cuban Consparicy Theory
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Mafia Conspiracy Theory
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House Select Commitee on Assassinations
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Warren Commison Report
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RFK Assassination
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Is The Warren Commison corrupt?
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The Zapurder Film
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Warren Commison is formed
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Assassin is Dead!
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The assassination
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Assassination Allegations
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What happened during Election of 1960?
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Did JFK commit voter fraud?
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