History or His Story?

Can you figure out which of these 3 history stories is fake?! Play along each week as Dan tries to fool you in figuring out if it's History or His Story!


Rock Stars
Show Details31min 38s
Introducing: My Year With Dolly
Show Details4min 13s
South Carolina (Feat. Tyler Hynes / Actor)
Show Details40min 52s
Teddy Roosevelt
Show Details37min 43s
Happy New Year!
Show Details46s
Show Details41min 39s
World War 2
Show Details44min 10s
The Cold War
Show Details42min 18s
The White House
Show Details31min 50s
Show Details37min 34s
Civil War
Show Details38min 21s
Show Details39min 16s
Conspiracy Theories
Show Details35min 52s
The Titanic
Show Details33min 49s
Launching October 21st
Show Details5min 31s