• Episode #13: Why Hip-Hop Still?

    In this episode, the guys come full circle to the topic of their very first episode, only with an updated spin: Why hip-hop still? Including, but not limited to: Wedding talk! Matt thinks a lot of music he used to love doesn't hold up! Kelen makes a case for sampling! How "Started From The Bottom" and Kendrick Lamar brought Kelen back from the brink! More talk of how they listen to less conscious rap! How Matt learned how to love other genres from hip-hop! "There's a hip-hop song for every moment that I need to get through my day!" Kelen reminisces on What's The 411! Too much music?! Kelen's favorite 2Pac song! And so much more like that one Fat Joe song! Your favorite podcast is back again, so you better press play before we start charging a fee!


    1h 28m - May 27, 2015
  • Episode #12: Is Kanye West Crazy?

    In this edition, Kelen and Matt take on a subject everyone has wondered: Is Kanye West crazy? Along the way, they discover that Kanye is a genius a*****e, that Kelen really loves Roc-A-Fella, Matt muses what present day Kanye would think of 2005 Kanye, that Kanye says things like this, "I was raised better than that, that was very arrogant.", that Kanye is always a little more crazier at the MTV Video Music Awards, and much more! Also, 50 Cent is a genius, Amber Rose was hotter pregnant than Kim Kardashian was, how South Park is the king of "too soon", and why we don't listen to Talib Kweli anymore! So while we want Kanye to find happiness, we also want you to press play, and watch out for that stop sign!

    2h 22m - May 12, 2015
  • Episode #11: Who Got The Hottest MC In The Game Props?

    For the past few years, MTV has held a roundtable discussion to decide who the hottest MC's in the game are for a certain year. Every year there's always debate about the final list. With this year as no exception (and Jay-Z listed at #6!), the HHM Team has been called to action! Kelen and Matt talk at length about the list, covering everyone who made it as well as those who were excluded. Don't miss it when Chivalry accuses Hyphen of pot smoking when he talks about Wiz Khalifa! Discover what song has almost made Chiv stop being a Big Sean fan! Uncover the Chris Bosh of hip-hop! See what rapper has lowered his standards just because he can! And listen to Hyph sing Drake's praises to high heaven! If you still want to check it out after that intro, press play like Diddy and let's get rolling (as in going not smoking Matthew)! P.S. Hip-Hop Manifesto has signed to Maybach Music Group as well.

    1h 35m - Feb 28, 2012
  • Episode #10: The 2010 HHM Awards Show

    Happy 2011...three months late. This episode was actually recorded before the end of 2010 but sat on Kelen's hard drive...until now! But luckily the content is still relevant! Welcome to the HHM Awards Show, where Hyphen and Chiv are the last word the rap world has been waiting for as they decide who's the best and worst of 2010. Be here for the laughs, the fights, the awards, the outfits, and most importantly: the music! Also celebrate the duo's 10th episode cause who knows how long it will take them to get to Episode 20! But enough description jargon, press play like Diddy!

    1h 59m - Mar 30, 2011
  • Episode #9: Homeland Security Comes To Hip-Hop

    Despite multiple attempts by NBA Jam Wii to derail our show, Hip-Hop Manifesto!!! rides again! In our 9th show, we discuss Homeland Security cracking down on piracy and on a few excellent hip-hop blogs. Plus, Kelen compares his taste in music to the Native Americans of yesteryear, Matt loses his iPhone mid-show, and the guys make peeling clementines sound gangsta! But really, this is their most serious show ever, about a topic affecting media across the board, not just hip-hop. But it's still HHM, so they have fun with it!

    46m - Jan 9, 2011
  • Episode #8: The 2010 Rock The Bells Review Show

    Not a dream! Not a hoax! Not a joke! This is the shortest amount of time between Hip-Hop Manifesto!!! podcasts ever! And to celebrate, the HHM guys recall their August trip to Columbia, MD for the annual Rock The Bells music festival! Chiv recalls how good a plate of french fries were, Hyphen wonders if any other MC could rock a stage with one hand in their pocket, Supernatural makes fun of a dude's condom size, and Snoop wears his pajamas for his closing set. Scream as loud as you can but beware of the bass and get this episode playing, who knows when the next one may drop!

    1h 52m - Oct 25, 2010
  • Episode #7: 10 Random Albums Part 2

    The WV hip-hop scholars "rap" up their 10 random albums! Kelen gushes over his favorite Eminem album while Matt wonders exactly what kind of dreams J. Cole has. DMX also shows up from his less cracked out days and Murs tries to keep Rapper Big Pooh from cursing in his "Barbershop". All in all, if Kanye West says this is the greatest podcast of all-time, who are we to argue? Episode 7 starts right now...once you press play. And vote for us on iTunes!

    1h 14m - Aug 19, 2010
  • Episode #6: 10 Random Albums Part 1

    After a year and change, Chivalry and I get the band back together to bring you 2 new episodes! Recorded on his sparkling, new MacBook Pro, we decided to discuss 10 random hip-hop albums that we absolutely love. Ranging from Chicago's former hip-hop champ Common, to the Brooklyn boroughs of Mos Def & Talb Kweli, and all the way to Virginia to the skate ramps roamed by Pharrell Williams, Hip-Hop Manifesto!!! is back! For now... Part 2 next week!

    1h 4m - Jul 28, 2010
  • Episode #5: Album vs. Album #1 – Reasonable Doubt

    Chiv and I continue our first "Album Vs. Album" series. In this first installment, we put former foes Nas and Jay-Z against each other once again as we compare the albums they released in 1996. Chiv explains how he completely ignores "Feelin' It", I take Jay-Z to task over whether "22 Two's" really came off the top of his head or if he wrote it down, and we end things on a somber note as we both "Regret(s)" doing this part of the episode in the first place. Get your Super Mean Pimp on and start listening!

    1h 8m - May 2, 2009
  • Episode #4: Album vs. Album #1 – It Was Written

    Chiv and I begin our "Album vs. Album" series where we take two albums, break each one of them down and then decide the overall winner. In this first installment, we put former foes Nas and Jay-Z against each other once again as we compare the albums they released in 1996. Be ready as I reveal I have 2Pac on speed dial, Chiv asks Foxy Brown questions she can't hear, and we both cower in fear at the phrase "Nas Is Coming"! As Diddy would say, "Let's go people!"

    1h 2m - Apr 30, 2009
  • Episode #3: The Best Of 2008 Part 2

    And we're back! Chiv and Hyphen finish off their two hour long conversation about their favorite hip-hop music of 2008! In this hour, Chiv talks about Murs For President and The Million Dollar Backpack while Hyphen goes in on Paper Trail and 808s & Heartbreak! And as an added bonus if you call now, they'll even throw in honorable mentions and disappointing albums!

    1h 4m - Jan 9, 2009
  • Episode #2: The Best Of 2008 Part 1

    Just when you thought they had given up, BEHOLD! The return of Chivalry and B Hyphen aka Hip-Hop Manifesto!!!: The Podcast! After a 7 month layoff, the guys got together on New Year's Eve to recap their favorite music of 2008 by picking 5 albums or mixtapes that they couldn't get enough of. This is part one so go to Episode 3 immediately after you finish this one. Happy 2009!

    56m - Jan 9, 2009
  • Episode #1: Why Hip-Hop?

    The debut episode of Hip-Hop Manifesto is here! We begin our strange and wonderful trip throughout hip-hop by telling our first times...no, not tlike that, but our first experiences with hip-hop! Hear! Chiv show his love for the Fat Boys then forget one of their names! Listen! As Hyphen screams at random moments over Nas' lyrics! Revel! In the awesome-ness that is DJ Premier! It all starts right here, right now! It's a hip-hop world, and you're all just living in it! (Also expect a few spikes in sound as the recording volume was expertly turned up halfway through the episode.) You can also find us on Podcast Alley. If you like us well enough, vote for us once a month so we can move up those rankings. And while you're there, vote for Better In The Dark too!

    43m - Apr 29, 2008
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