• Episode #28 - Mike Graham & Andy Tuthill - Travis Field Memorial Softball Tournament

    Back again for the best weekend of the Summer - the 15th annual Travis Field Memorial Softball Tournament is here! Local slow pitch softball teams compete in an epic four day event that brings together community, family, friends and fun all for a great cause. The proceeds from the annual tournament go to scholarship funds for local high school students that embodied the characteristics and spirit that Travis Field left behind. Bold predictions, funny stories, highlights and more - this is an episode you don't want to miss!

    Make sure you head to the annual Bracket Bash at The Clubhouse in Wainscott THIS FRIDAY, JULY 29TH AT 6:30PM. This is where they pick the team matchups for the tournament and raise money for the foundation! The tournament will be held the first weekend in August (4th, 5th, 6th, & 7th) at the Terry King ball field in Amagansett, New York. We hope to see you there! For more information check out @travisfieldmemorial on Instagram.

    38m | Jul 24, 2022
  • Episode #27 - Ruby Honerkamp - Encore

    This week we bring you the perspective of a local gal who grew up inside her families dive bar - The Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, New York. Ruby Honerkamp is keeping the spirits of tradition alive with Encore, a new canned cocktail that she has developed with her team right here in The Hamptons. Using real fruit juice and real alcohol, Encore has nailed the taste and has canned your favorite classic cocktails like Vodka-Soda-Cranberry, Tequila-Soda-Grapefruit, and Vodka-Soda-Lime! Over the years this iconic venue has given us so many memories and now Ruby wants Encore to be an extension of those memories and the legacy that The Talkhouse leaves behind. New flavors, events and more to come in the future & we are so excited to see it all. Welcome our friend, Ruby! 

    This podcast episode is brought to you by Encore. Grab a can today at your local retailer, or get it shipped to you in 32 different states! Visit www.talkencore.com for more information.

    Produced by Three Mile Media LLC.

    1h 14m | Jul 8, 2022
  • Episode #26 - Lil' Birdie

    Lil’ Birdie was started by French Chef Alexis Krisel (who knows a little thing or two about Michelin Stars) and Kye Vatash, a hospitality & operations expert and local to Sag Harbor! These guys got together during the pandemic to create something special; an all new takeout fast-casual eatery that gives you the highest quality and most freshly prepared ingredients at an affordable price point. Focusing on Veggies, Falafel, and Chicken, they’ve created a healthier choice for the community to dive into. With Kye’s in-depth knowledge of the industry and front of the house, and Alexis’s fine chef cuisine and Michelin level attitude, they’ve hit a home run here in the Hamptons. We hope you have as much fun listening as we had making this. Roll up, sit down, and relax! Let's learn a thing or two on this weeks episode of Highly Educated.

    Check out more of Lil' Birdie on their Instagram @lilbirdieny or their website www.lilbirdieny.com. Stop by Sag Harbor and grab a fried chicken or falafel sandwich... you will be thrilled!

    This episode is brought to you by Encore by Talkhouse. A new canned cocktail that will make you think you're the next big star all while sitting on your chair at the beach! 5% alcohol with real booze & fruit juice - it's the go-to drink of the Summer!

    1h 8m | Jun 14, 2022
  • Episode #25 - Colleen Henn

    Today we bring on business owner and environmental activist Colleen Henn. Colleen runs her own bulk food & goods company called All Good Goods that does plastic-free packaging & shipping out of San Clemente, California. Working with the SurfRider foundation for almost a decade, Colleen realized how badly we treat our environment and discovered some things we can do as individuals help us lighten our load here on the earth. When’s the last time you really thought about your output to the environment? How much non-compostable waste do you produce in a week? How detrimental is our footprint? Find out all this and more on this weeks Episode of Highly Educated!

    Visit www.allgoodgoods.us or their Instagram @allgoodgoods.us for more information!

    If you want to advertise on this podcast, please contact threemilemedia@gmail.com

    1h 1m | Jun 4, 2022
  • Episode #24 - Josh Brussell

    Josh Brussell is a local educator, musician, and DJ…essentially a man of many hats. He is a Science teacher at the East Hampton High School and coaches the Boys Volleyball team there. Josh is a guitarist and songwriter that plays private & public shows all summer long across the East End! Whether it’s a private wedding or a Saturday night at The Stephen Talkhouse, Brussell warms your heart with his massive catalog of classic hits of new and old. His philosophy and mentality towards being the captain of your own destiny is inspiring.. and I think we could all learn a thing or two. Catch Brussell playing with his band Little Head Thinks at The Stephen Talkhouse all season long! For more information on Josh visit his website at www.hamptonmusi.com!

    This Episode is brought to you by The Stephen Talkhouse, the East End's premier live music venue! Follow them on Instagram @TalkhouseBar.

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    1h 15m | Apr 13, 2022
  • Episode #23 - T-Shyne

    The long awaited interview from local music sensation Tafa “T-Shyne” Peters. Calling in from Los Angeles, California, you may know T-Shyne through his success in the music industry as an Artist & Rapper under YSL, which is Young Thug's Recording Label along with 300 Entertainment.

    T-Shyne just released his most polished work yet…his debut YSL Masterpiece, Confetti Nights, Executive Produced by the one and only NBA legend Kevin Durant. His time living in New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles have shaped him into the emerging stand-out artist he is today. I remember when we lived in the city going to the events, the shows, going to the recording studios, watching him mold his craft at the start... It was no small job. Seeing the hustle and the transition to now has been a beautiful thing to watch and I can’t wait for his oncoming success. Follow T-Shyne on IG @tshyne_ and download “Confetti Nights” on Spotify or any major music platform out now! 

    This Episode is brought to you by Breadmeat Boards LTD. @andrewbreadmeat

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    58m | Apr 4, 2022
  • Episode #22 - Angelo Hatgistavrou

    Angelo Hatgistavrou is a Director, master Animator, Producer, Writer, Drummer, Father and so much more... He has been an essential creative piece to some of your favorite hit shows like Bob’s Burgers, Black Dynamite, and China, IL. Working for major animation companies like Titmouse, Adult Swim, Netflix, Disney, and Warner Bros, Angelo gives us his insight into the Production world. His latest project Fairfax on Amazon Prime Video has been a great success, with Season 2 coming out sometime this year. He’s also the Supervising Director of a new project on Netflix coming soon! Follow Angelo on Instagram and Twitter @angelo_hat to check out his animations and shorts or visit his website at www.angelohat.com. 

    This Episode is brought to you by Breadmeat Boards LTD. @andrewbreadmeat

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    1h 37m | Mar 11, 2022
  • Episode #21 - Hello Brooklyn Band

    Hello Brooklyn is an epic cover & original music band from Brooklyn, New York. For over a decade Hello Brooklyn has been dominating the nightlife music and event scene. Establishing their roots selling out shows at legendary venues like the Stephen Talkhouse & Ulysses, they have evolved into one of the most sought after event bands in NY. Liz & Ray from the group join us to talk about what life is like for a bunch of touring musicians with day jobs! (Yes if you can believe it!) Step inside the mind of NY's biggest event band, Hello Brooklyn! To contact them, they are @hellobkband on Instagram or visit their website at www.hellobrooklynband.com.

    This podcast is brought to you by Breadmeat Skateboards. www.breadmeatskateboards.com

    1h 38m | Feb 9, 2022
  • Episode #20 - Michael Clark

    Michael Clark is the Executive Director of LTV Studios right here in The Hamptons. LTV is a public access television network for the town of East Hampton (airing locally on Channels 20 & 22). Previously, Mike was the proud owner of the iconic Crossroads Music in East Hampton & Amagansett. Crossroads was a place where local kids, teens, and the adult creative community alike gathered to share their love for music. You might have even been lucky enough to hear Sir Paul McCartney diddling on an electric guitar in the corner of the store. As a man who is so deep rooted in the music community now, we ask Mike some of the hard questions the locals of the East End face and how we can generate prosperous creative outlets for the future. Visit https://www.ltveh.org for more information on how you can start your own show or create in their studio! Follow @clarkmichaelsltv on Instagram to stay up to date on all things LTV.

    52m | Jan 21, 2022
  • Episode #19 - James Ryan - the Jr. Inventor!

    What Hamptons local doesn't know THE James Ryan? Legendary personality... DJ, Producer, Guitarist, MC Host and Jr. Inventor sits down to talk about growing up out East and the influence it's had on him. Starting off as an early musician coming from a very musical family, James turned these abilities into DJing & producing at a high level. He DJ's The Hamptons most exclusive events & produces incredible mediums of music as a musician with various other creatives (GloomFeather & Olde Sake, Google them). If you're at an event with him present, know that it's going to be the best time. Our friend knows a thing or two about this industry and can tell you the in's and out's of it all... tune in for more! Follow James @jrinventor on Instagram or email jrinvention@gmail.com for booking or more info.

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    1h 0m | Jan 4, 2022
  • Episode #18 - Cheyne DeSousa

    Local Montauk surfer & Commercial Airline Pilot, Cheyne DeSousa, joins the podcast to talk about the world of aviation. What does it take to follow that path and what are the costs that are involved? How long does it take to become a pilot? What would Montauk be like if they had their own township outside of East Hampton? These are all questions Cheyne answers on this episode of Highly Educated! Follow us @highlyeducatedpodcast on Instagram!

    1h 6m | Dec 18, 2021
  • Episode #17 - Sam 'Rambo' Duane

    Badass Roller Skater & Personal Trainer Sam 'Rambo' shares her story and how she ended up on the East End of Long Island from the rural beautiful state of New Hampshire. Expressing her joy for Roller Skating and what it has done for her, she hopes to enlighten others to get up and go skate! The confidence that going out and having a fun night with your friends gives you is something you can't replace. It's important to remember to embrace yourself and to have fun - which is why Sam teaches fun classes and clinics at GDC Roller Rink in Greenport for those to learn how to Skate! She also teaches kids classes for Project Most! Check her out Instagram @rollinwithrambo where she teaches at @gdcrollerskaterink and @projectmost. Her next clinic is on December 19th at GDC Roller Rink - sign up with the link in my bio.

    54m | Dec 8, 2021
  • Episode #16 - Joe Bauer - ft. Jake Stiles Phone-In!

    If you're from The Hamptons, you know the Parmesan Don himself, Joey B. Joe Bauer is a Long Island local and a member of the notorious ICE COAST KILLS SHIT (ICKS) Snowboard Crew that roams Hunter Mountain in New York every Winter. You might know Joey B from the days of the Gong & Jager Bombs at the Gig Shack or from his famous "HOW YOU DOIN" skits made famous all over the internet. Not just a funny guy, Joe is also the CO-Founder of his coffee company Bauer's Brew Co. with his brother. One of Montauk's most interesting men sit's down for an interview. Jake Stiles bonus phone interview!! Fahgettaboudit!!

    1h 0m | Nov 24, 2021
  • Episode #15 - Nic Alegre

    Professional Action Sports Photographer for Teton Gravity Research (TGR) Nic Alegre joins the podcast to talk about his crazy experiences traveling around the world and what it was like growing up out on the East End. After landing numerous Cover shots for the infamous Powder Magazine, Nic gained his recognition and stoke which led him to be extremely successful in his field. Sharing his notes to his success, he brings a refreshing take on how we need to flow as creatives in an ever-changing media landscape. He is proud to be a part of a new film "Stoke the Fire" - by TGR (@tetongravity) which features incredible talent in incredible locations. You don't want to miss this episode! For more information or how to watch or buy tickets to the "Stoke the Fire" premieres across the country, visit https://www.tetongravity.com/films/stoke-the-fire. Nic's Instagram is @nicalegre! Cheers.

    47m | Nov 3, 2021
  • Episode #14 - Ashley Martens

    Ashley is a local from the Hamptons finishing up school to become a holistic health coach. She joins the podcast to have insightful discussions on the balance of our lives & the choices we make everyday. We also have some refreshing discussion on the town of East Hampton and what it means for families to generate positive incomes for themselves, not just in wealth but in energy. Ashley also owns her own online Vintage shop @westcoast.treasures on Instagram. If you're a local you don't want to miss this one!

    53m | Oct 25, 2021
  • Episode #13 - Travis Beckmann

    Professional Surfer turned Montauk Real Estate Agent - Travis Beckmann - joins the Highly Educated podcast to discuss epic moments in the water, lifestyle choices, and what it's like to travel the world for Surfing. Travis owns & operates Beckmann Surf Academy, where he teaches the lifestyle of surf culture and water safety all within a physical bootcamp to keep you in top shape. We talk about how he has used his extensive travels to create a network of resourceful individuals which then help him in his daily work life. Hottest local spots discussed and more! This is an interesting episode you don't want to miss. @beckmann_surf_academy on Instagram.

    59m | Oct 11, 2021
  • Episode #12 - Brian Saldivia

    Legendary personality & resident funny man Brian Saldivia joins us from Santa Barbara, California to talk about life as a content creator, meme lord & comedian. We discuss the party scene of Santa Barbara and what life is like there for fellow creatives who remain focused on their craft. Deltopia weekend is cool but you know what's cooler? The Arlington theatre packed out for your show, or two million hits on a skit you worked hard on... It's all about what you make of your situations and Brian Saldivia has made something of his. Follow him @thebriansaldivia on Instagram for his comedy skits and more!

    58m | Oct 1, 2021
  • Episode #11 - Nathaniel Fyffe

    Nate Fyffe is a custom Jeweler & Goldsmith out of Denver, Colorado. Nate shares his stories and where he honed his inspiration from as a child growing up out on the East End of Long Island. Making one-of-a-kind art pieces for artists & international icons like Billie Eilish, Nate shares his process and how he creates. Balancing running a business and staying creative, Nate hopes to expand to even larger sculpture projects into the future! Follow him @freed_mind_fabrications on Instagram! We dedicate this Podcast episode to our dear friend, Puckett - may your creative spirit guide us all through the journey.

    51m | Sep 25, 2021
  • Episode #09 - SPECIAL EPISODE - Andy Kessler Skate Contest!

    We talk to Will Angiulo, Owner of Limitless Culture NY & Montauk local Lennon Ficalora about the Andy Kessler Memorial Skate Contest THIS SATURDAY 2-7PM at the Montauk Skatepark. Limitless Culture NY focuses on amplifying the voices of skate communities across Long Island and beyond through Events and strategic partnerships. The contest will have brackets for different age groups & also a Best Trick Contest! Sponsors giving out free gear, music fun and more...cash prizes, good vibes, and community coming together. Don't miss this event!

    19m | Sep 3, 2021
  • Episode #08 - Max Honerkamp

    Max Honerkamp's family has owned the illustrious Stephen Talkhouse in The Hamptons for the last 34 years. We talk about life growing up inside one of New York's most intimate & unique music venues. Max, among many other things, curates bands for the Talkhouse. On the side, he owns an alcoholic canned beverage company with his sister Ruby, titled "Encore," which is available at the bar itself & liquor stores! His vivid description of the bar lets us all rejoice in the magic and memories we've had there. #PlayForever

    1h 0m | Aug 25, 2021
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