• E009 - Were they really good baked potatoes?

    The hidden agendas team is back with the question you've all been asking yourselves...can you just get someone else to make dinner? And of course they invent the most useful pencil that ever existed.

    Cover art: Photo by Bradley Prentice on Unsplash


    Secret topics

       Wato - Word of the day calendars

       Clarence - Fancy latte patterns

       Kyle - Britney Spears

       Rob - Specialty order coffees

       Toby - Coronations

    S1E9 - 43m - Aug 25, 2020
  • E008 - Wa Juan Pablo Loh

    The boys talk about food deliveries gone wrong, childhood collectibles, and the career of Rick Moranis

    Cover photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

    Spoilers below


    Secret topics

    Wato - Jarlsberg Cheese

    Toby - Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Kyle - Thinking 'Elbow Grease' was a thing you could buy

    Clarence - Can you eat from a worn Teflon pan?

    Rob - Scandinavian Crime Dramas

    S1E8 - 42m - Aug 8, 2020
  • E007 - Kangaroo Court

    A controversial week, with an ambush, a mob, and unqualified judges. The gang talks annulling past glories, the first thing they'll do when restrictions lift, and which of the hidden agendas would make the best villain.

    Cover art image credits: Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash


    Secret topics

    Wato - Animals as people

    Toby - Awkwardly browsing an empty store

    Rob - Bacon and Maple Syrup

    Clarence - Psychological experiments that have gone wrong

    Kyle - Sliced Bread

    S1E7 - 39m - Jun 20, 2020
  • E006 - Strike Face

    After a brief hiatus, the gang is back with a timeless episode, in which they discuss the origins of hidden agendas, bowling, bogans, and botanicals.

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    Secret topics

    Toby - Strikes

    Wato - Helifishing

    Clarence - Birthstones

    Kyle - Krufts dog show

    Rob - Sweet and Savoury Foods

    S1E6 - 44m - Jun 6, 2020
  • E005 - Sexy Coughing

    Five friends from school have a conversation about whatever is on their mind, whilst they each try to shift the group towards a secret topic.

    In this episode the quintuple query whether you should keep coins in cars, the love of the internal voice over the external sound, coughing in public, and entertainment in traffic.

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    secret topics for episode 5

    Toby - Scented Candles

    Kyle - Grey's Anatomy

    Wato - Misspoken sayings

    Clarence - Caterpillars turning into butterflies

    Rob - Hypnosis

    45m - May 9, 2020
  • E004 - 1.5x Speed

    The team talks problematic celebrities, sports biographies, switching bodies and efficient binge watching. All whilst trying to sneak some secret topics into the conversation.

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    The secret topics

    Rob - Mowing patterns into grass

    Wato - Festivus

    Kyle - Cancelling streaming services

    Clarence - How old is too old for training wheels

    Toby - Specialty coffee orders

    44m - May 2, 2020
  • E003 - I Didn't Have the Tightest Blazer

    The fellowship discusses the best way to cook sausages, bird calls with foreign accents, tying up some untied rope ends, the merits of wet socks, and fashion choices in high school.

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    Secret topics

    Toby - Mindfulness

    Wato - Toe Socks

    Clarence - Making underpants dry as quickly as swimwear

    Rob - Ramen is better than Pho

    Kyle - Knitting

    S1E3 - 42m - Apr 25, 2020
  • E002 - The Cockerels of the Heart

    The gang waxes lyrical on the origins of seafood associated sayings, the benefits of domestic livestock as pets, and the best sauces for nuggets

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    Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash


    Secret Topics

    Toby - Hamilton

    Clarence - Chicken poo fertiliser

    Rob - Animal noises

    Kyle - Big cat zoos

    Wato - Future Man

    S1E2 - 38m - Apr 18, 2020
  • E001 - Bing Anger!

    The guys chat about the merits of Bing, Google and Amazon, and how exercise for obstacle course based endurance events is somewhat overrated

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    Secret Topics

    Toby - Bad taxidermy

    Kyle - Off Food

    Wato - Eating Kim Chi

    Clarence - Witchdoctors

    Rob - Hot Cross Buns

    S1E1 - 41m - Apr 11, 2020
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