Hidden Agendas: Rambling conversations with secret topics

Five old friends try to have a standard conversation about anything they find amusing, whilst subtly trying to get their co-hosts to mention a different secret topic each episode


E009 - Were they really good baked potatoes?
Show Details43min 20s
E008 - Wa Juan Pablo Loh
Show Details42min 44s
E007 - Kangaroo Court
Show Details39min 46s
E006 - Strike Face
Show Details44min 56s
E005 - Sexy Coughing
Show Details45min 13s
E004 - 1.5x Speed
Show Details44min 5s
E003 - I Didn't Have the Tightest Blazer
Show Details42min 39s
E002 - The Cockerels of the Heart
Show Details38min 49s
E001 - Bing Anger!
Show Details41min 26s