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Hey Ashley Jane

Ashley has a lot to talk about but never finds the right time or place to talk about them. Hey Ashley Jane is outlet that she needs to talk about things when she needs to. Follow along as she shares her challenges, lessons and gets vulnerable about her experiences as a 20-something Asian Canadian.

**Intro music by Mattijs Muller (In The Summer)


10. first three months of having a big girl job
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9. a short ramble about milestones
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8. it's ok to be ok
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7. immigrant identity crisis and the model minority myth
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6. modern day dating is stressful
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5. I watched Soul and now i'm questioning my life
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4. immigrant views against a career in arts
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3. depression and grieving someone's suicide
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2. toxic positivity in a pandemic
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1. it's my birthday and i'll reflect if I want to
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