Heroic Origins

Hey, True Conceivers! Terrance and Dave are a couple of comic book nerds pursuing their lifelong passion of creating new superheroes! Each episode, they take a random word and brainstorm a fully fleshed out superhero, complete with code name, powers, supporting characters, arch nemesis and, of course, a heroic origin story! They also take time out to discuss other superheroes, both past and present, in the Superhero Sidebar. The world needs new heroes... Welcome to The Heroic Origins Podcast!


Heroic Halloween 1 - S1E9 Heroic Origins
Show Details50min 14s
Superhero Sidebar 1 - S1E8 Heroic Origins
Show Details41min 40s
Season One Review - S1E7 Heroic Origins
Show Details41min 13s
Through the Looking Glass - S1E6 Heroic Origins
Show Details53min 5s
In The Fold - S1E5 Heroic Origins
Show Details49min 12s
Doughboys & Girls - S1E4 Heroic Origins
Show Details54min 59s
On The Menu - S1E3 Heroic Origins
Show Details48min 45s
Ready Player Two - S1E2 Heroic Origins
Show Details56min 16s
Coin Flip - S1E1 Heroic Origins
Show Details40min 6s