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Here to Learn

This podcast is made of conversations I have on topics in education that I am interested in learning more about. I learn best from my interactions with teachers, students, parents, and administrators. This podcast shares these conversations with you, the listener.


Episode 7: The Players' Coach
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 6: Navigating the Journey from Teaching to Administration
Show Details50min 3s
Episode 5: Are Public Schools Failing
Show Details41min 25s
Episode 4: The Importance of Listening and Counseling Students and Teachers
Show Details43min 10s
Episode 3: Inclusive and Safe Classrooms
Show Details54min 45s
Episode 2: The Role Stress, Pressure, and Anxiety Play in a Student’s Life
Show Details46min 9s
Episode 1 : Convincing Top Students to Become Teachers
Show Details34min 34s
Episode 0: Here to Learn
Show Details2min 27s