Here at Haas

Here@Haas is a student-run podcast for the Berkeley Haas Community. We are supported by student donations, Haas Culture Champions, and other sponsors. Our mission is to promote inter-program connectivity of the Haas family, between the different MBA cohorts, years, and programs (FT, EW, and Exec.). With over 1,400 enrolled Haas MBAs on campus every year, there is more to this network than meets the eye. We hope to bridge the network gap ever so slightly and introduce you to people you never knew you had in your Berkeley Haas network. Thank you for tuning in to this Berkeley Haas Podcast and remember we're all One Haas!


Nick Bellamy, FTMBA '21 - A Passion for Cannabis
Show Details26min 48s
Binundu Isaiah Samuel, EMBA ‘20 - Leading with a Heart for Service & Community Building
Show Details35min 13s
Deepak Gupta, Entrepreneurship Advisor - Navigating the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at Haas
Show Details26min 43s
Andreea Gorbatai, Assistant Professor in Management of Organizations – How Soft Skills Have Become a Science
Show Details39min 34s
Ross Levine, Professor & 12th Most Cited Economist - Bringing Passion to Research & the Classroom
Show Details48min 33s
Monthly Musings: August 2020
Show Details10min 23s
Adin Menkin, EWMBA ‘21 - Student Leader & Career Exploration
Show Details38min 59s
Dr. Rebecca Portnoy, Professor - Breaking Bread
Show Details32min 33s
Kyle Cook, EWMBA ’21 – Finding Time to Do It All
Show Details47min 13s
Monthly Musings: July 2020
Show Details15min 39s
Shachar Kariv, Professor & Decision Theorist - Make Better Decisions
Show Details44min 26s
Anna Lee, EWMBA '21 - Commuting with Confidence
Show Details31min 39s
Justin Jeffers, EWMBA '21 - Making Interprogram Connections Through Clubs & Sports
Show Details21min 21s
Namrata Mani, FTMBA '21 - Automating the creation of impactful resumes
Show Details17min 51s
Dean Ann Harrison, BA '82 - Our World-Class Economist & Dean of Berkeley Haas
Show Details28min 15s
Don Moore, Professor & Confidence Researcher - How to be Perfectly Confident
Show Details47min 6s
Monthly Musings: June 2020
Show Details21min 42s
Leigh Ann West, FTMBA ‘21 - Student (and Teacher) Always
Show Details32min 28s
Black Business Student Association Roundtable
Show Details1hr 1min
Trevor Ryan, EWMBA ’22 - Living His Childhood Dream as an Oakland A’s Scout
Show Details23min 24s
Dr. Sahar Yousef, Productivity Expert & Lecturer - Becoming Superhuman: The Science of Peak Performance and Productivity
Show Details32min 56s
Lucas Miller, Productivity Researcher & Lecturer - Helping Haasies Become Superhumans
Show Details47min 56s
Akonkwa Mubagwa, FTMBA '21 - Bringing Light to Africa & to the Haas Community
Show Details38min 42s
Marco Lindsey, Associate Director of D.E.I. - Importance of Fighting Anti-Blackness
Show Details37min 16s
Monthly Musings: May 2020
Show Details15min 29s
Wei Zhu, EWMBA '22 - Once an Entrepreneur, Always an Entrepreneur
Show Details18min 19s
Lindsey Hoell, EWMBA ‘21 - 2x Female CEO Who Wants to Change the World One Container at a Time
Show Details32min 25s
Adolfo Quesada Viciana - FTMBA ‘21 – Social Impact in Spain, South America, and now Haas
Show Details34min 51s
Geoff Easterling, FTMBA '21 - From West Point to the Army to Haas
Show Details26min 36s
Monthly Musings: April 2020
Show Details14min
Maggie Lau, EWMBA '22 - StEP, Startups, & Entrepreneurship
Show Details19min 16s
Kelly Cure, FTMBA '21 - How a Female Founder Went From Kansas to Swaziland to Haas
Show Details31min 49s
Sean Li, EWMBA ’20 - Launching the OneHaas Podcast, Entrepreneurship, and The Future of The Podcast
Show Details51min 29s
Here@Haas Trailer: Meet the Team w/ Paulina Lee, Ray Guan, Aravind Mamidanna, and Sean Li
Show Details9min 19s