When the aquaphobic Rachel Coker is found unconscious in the pool, the police shockingly rule it an accident.

Senator Elizabeth Coker tries her best to control the publicity surrounding her daughter's accident; the elections are coming up and she must be re-elected. Never would Senator Coker have thought Michael (her son with Cerebral palsy) with the help of his caregiver would also try to control the case's publicity.

"Here" follows Michael's journey as he searches for truth and faces hurdles specific to young men [with Cerebral Palsy] in Nigeria.

"Here" is brought to you by Africa's Premier Audiodrama Channel: Glos.


Written, Managed and Directed by Mousey

Sound, Music and Production by Matt Crawford

Narrated by Johannes Verne


Daniel Alaneme as Michael

Inioluwa as Bisi

Naomi Lemo as Senator Elizabeth Coker

Andre Giles as Inspector Tom

David Erioluwa as Corporal Mutiu 

Sebastian Snow as Benjamin Lighthouse 

Allan Individual as Reporter

Otin Babine as Campaign Manager