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Sowing the seeds of cannabis and sounding the praise of our favorite plant. It's time to Hempresent! Our radio resident Hemposapien, Vivian McPeak (Founder of Seattle Hempfest) presents a weekly platform for guests and listeners to Hempresent about hemp and cannabis from the legal, activist and reformist route.


Washington Bud Company with Shawn DeNae
Show Details26min 29s
CLEO With Co-Founder Andrea Berrios
Show Details25min 18s
Big Island Genetics master grower Aaron Zeeman
Show Details29min 2s
Marlo Richardson: Tremendo and Just Mary
Show Details26min 11s
Perfect Blends With Michael Backes
Show Details25min 53s
Eco Growtech With CEO Shawn Piernitzki
Show Details28min
Joy Beckerman Of Hemp Ace International
Show Details27min 31s
John Roulac, Founder of Nutiva
Show Details29min 54s
Patrick Byas, Actor, Producer, Director and Writer
Show Details27min 19s
Warren Bobrow, Freelance Mixologist
Show Details27min 9s
Oregon Canna-Business Compliance Counsel
Show Details29min 9s
Tribal Hemp and Cannabis Magazine with Mary Jane Oatman
Show Details29min 10s
David Gans: Author, Artist, and Musician
Show Details27min 31s
Medical Marijuana Mom And Heather Manus (Best Of)
Show Details24min 20s
HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project with Sam D'Arcangelo
Show Details20min 43s
Michael “Buffalo “ Mazzetti
Show Details27min 44s
CBD Helps Athletes Heal with Rachael Rapinoe
Show Details25min 35s
Scarlet Fire Grateful Dead Dispensary
Show Details27min 17s
Cannabis Blogger Heather Dagley
Show Details27min 48s
Cannabis For Children With Founder Alissa Lee
Show Details28min 46s
Hemp Farmer Doug Fine
Show Details28min 47s
420 Cancer Survivor Corrie Yelland
Show Details30min 35s
Prismatic Plants CBD with Sarah Polansky
Show Details27min 28s
Dean Becker On Hempresent
Show Details28min 34s
Storm King Today on Hempresent
Show Details30min 9s
Aaron “Pie Man” Kay today on Hempresent
Show Details29min 44s
Cleveland School of Cannabis with Brian Adams
Show Details30min 1s
The Legacy of Jack Herer
Show Details30min 50s
Allied Corp with Calum Hughes
Show Details29min 36s
Pato Banton On Hempresent
Show Details31min 1s
Delic Corp With Matt Stang
Show Details30min 43s
High Times Photographer Malcolm MacKinnon
Show Details31min 30s
Home Baked: My Mom, Marijuana, and the Stoning of San Francisco
Show Details29min 33s
Brave New Weed With Author Joe Dolce
Show Details29min 53s
Niambe Tosh: Head of the Peter Tosh Legacy & Brand
Show Details29min 22s
CannaCurious Magazine with Tekisha Harvey
Show Details27min 51s
Heather Manus: Nurse Heather The 420 Nurse
Show Details31min 1s
Freedom Grow with Kristin Flor
Show Details30min 5s
Branding Bud With David Paleschuck
Show Details28min
Forti Goods with Sharon Kevil
Show Details27min 58s
Angel Thrasher - Medical Marijuana Mom
Show Details26min 44s
The Life of Tom Forcade with Colleen Manley
Show Details30min 33s
Cannabis Basics with Ah Warner
Show Details30min 21s
VAYA with Salvador Santana
Show Details29min 47s
Sisters of The Valley
Show Details30min 33s
Singer-Songwriter Shyan Selah
Show Details28min 13s
Single-Use Plastic In The Cannabis Industry
Show Details33min 34s
Entheo Society With Leo Russell And Kody Zalewski
Show Details31min 42s
Being Black Or Brown In The Green Rush
Show Details32min 30s
Jimi Hendrix 50th Anniversary
Show Details32min 41s
The Only LGBTQ Organization In Cannabis
Show Details30min 37s
Richard Delisi: Serving Life For Cannabis
Show Details32min 20s
Becoming a Citizen Activist
Show Details33min 59s
Empowering Women In Cannabis
Show Details33min 37s
Our Planet and Our Plant
Show Details31min 38s
Art In Life and Cannabis
Show Details32min 34s
Police Reform In Our Trying Times
Show Details30min 59s
Minority Cannabis Business Association
Show Details31min 16s
Jessica Golich: Cannabis Influencer
Show Details31min 4s
Clergy for a New Drug Policy
Show Details33min 30s
The Civil Survival Project
Show Details34min 18s
Cannabis for Veterans
Show Details30min 46s
Fight For Your Right To Get Better
Show Details32min 48s
Trailblazers in Cannabis Law
Show Details31min 50s
Fight 4 Lilly Foundation
Show Details31min 10s
Cannabis and Driving
Show Details30min 59s
The Last Prisoner Project
Show Details35min 20s
Environmentally Sustainable Building Practices
Show Details32min 12s
Being Denied Cannabis
Show Details32min 16s
Drive Revenue And Growth In Cannabis
Show Details30min 37s
Green Zone Japan
Show Details30min 22s
Grasslands: A Journalism Minded Agency
Show Details31min 48s
Creating A Legal, Regulated, And Compliant Cannabis Industry
Show Details33min 5s
Hempresent 2019 Rewind With Karen Averill And Jerry Whiting
Show Details28min 58s
Investing In The Cannabis Industry
Show Details28min 55s
Hempsters: Plant the Seed
Show Details34min 1s
Athletics and Sports Changing Perception of Cannabis and the People that Use It
Show Details32min 31s
Carolyn Mountain Girl Garcia
Show Details30min 51s
The Green Renaissance
Show Details30min 40s
Cannabis For Epilepsy And How To Get Treatment
Show Details30min 38s
Weeding Out The Norm In Stamped Leaf Patterns
Show Details31min 46s
The Creation Of Seattle HEMPFEST
Show Details35min 59s
Music Marketing and Activism
Show Details32min 58s
GI Mary Jane
Show Details31min 54s
HEMP Party Australia
Show Details32min 48s
Progressive Activism in 2019
Show Details28min 58s
The Rainbow Family Of Living Light
Show Details31min 38s
Helping The World Integrate Spirituality With Cannabis, Organic Food And Living
Show Details33min 4s
The Protection Needs Of Cannabis And Craft Brewing Businesses
Show Details31min 41s
Cannabis For Dummies With Kim Casey
Show Details31min 18s
Cannabis A Theatrical Concert
Show Details33min 24s
A Need For A Cannabis Industry-Focused Scale Company
Show Details35min
Cultivating A Culturally Inclusive Environment In Cannabis
Show Details31min 48s
Fostering Massive Creative Growth And Expansion For Cannabis Brands
Show Details33min 39s
A Legacy Of Cannabis Advocacy
Show Details29min 1s
The Endocannabinoid Deficiency Foundation
Show Details30min 21s
Cannabis And Its Effect On Autism
Show Details28min 52s
The Definition Of A Firebrand
Show Details32min 24s
The Entourage Effect In Cannabis
Show Details34min 18s
The Creation Of The Medical Cannabis Market In Washington
Show Details30min 12s
The Rights Of Medical Marijuana Patients
Show Details34min 14s
Cannabis Activism Hero John Sinclair
Show Details30min 14s
A Deep Dive Into The 2018 Farm Bill
Show Details35min 20s
One of The Nation's First Legal Marijuana clubs
Show Details29min 22s
How Hemp And Bamboo Can Revolutionize Our Everyday Life
Show Details31min 51s
Hemp Prohibition And HIA's Involvement In The Progression Of The Sale Of Marijuana
Show Details31min 26s
Cannabis Program Development And Conflicts Between State And Federal Marijuana Law
Show Details30min
The Co-Chairs Of The Cannabis Law practice At Fox Rothschild
Show Details32min 41s
Envisioning A World Where Our Bodies, Natural Environment, And Oceans Are Not Polluted
Show Details30min 36s
The Effects Cannabinoids Have Your Body And Why It's Important For Medical Reasons
Show Details35min 3s
Patients & cannabis stigma in the Age of Medicalization
Show Details58min 33s
Vanishing White Matter Disease
Show Details30min 1s
Challenging The Status Quo Local Politics In Phoenix
Show Details29min 19s
The Dank Standard
Show Details34min 33s
Fighting For The Rights Of Patients Worldwide
Show Details32min 50s
Fighting Hidden Medical Marijuana Regulations In Oklahoma
Show Details31min 29s
Challenging State Overreach In The Cannabis Area
Show Details32min 6s
A Life Sentence For Smuggling
Show Details33min 56s
American Model And Investigative Journalist Sarah Rose McDaniel
Show Details27min 46s
It's My Medicine
Show Details37min 47s
It's My Medicine
Show Details37min 47s
Alternative Model, Cannabis Enthusiast and Activist Damsel W. Dank
Show Details34min 36s
Cannabis Program Development, Communication and Implementation
Show Details36min 57s
Retail Commercialization and Social Consumption
Show Details32min 2s
Empowering People To Be Self-Sufficient
Show Details31min 21s
The Basics Of Cannabis Science, Handling, And Law
Show Details32min 32s
From The Advocates And Activists To The Patients That Desperately Needing Cannabis
Show Details30min 8s
The Conflicts Between State And Federal Marijuana Law
Show Details32min 4s
The Changes In Public Perception Regarding Hemp
Show Details30min 18s
Cannabis refugees forced to leave Ireland to access life saving cannabis oil and their subsequent victory.
Show Details33min 3s
Use Of The Internet For Education And Organizing In Drug Policy Reform
Show Details28min 53s
Taking Legal Avenues For Studies Of Controlled Substances
Show Details30min 12s
Education And Outreach On Marijuana In The State Of Washington
Show Details28min 22s
The Historical Importance Industrial Hemp Played In Kansas Agriculture
Show Details30min 41s
Concerns Over The Use of Chemicals To Process The Marijuana Sold In Dispensaries
Show Details32min 9s
A Full Line Of Doctor Backed CBD Products To Patients In Need of It
Show Details31min 8s
How One Of The Most Studied Plants In The World Help Save His Life
Show Details32min 39s
Fighting To Highlight The Injustices And Speak The Truth About Cannabis
Show Details41min 13s
Marijuana Business Intelligence with Cassandra Farrington
Show Details31min 30s
Effect of Cannabis on Children and the Discovery of the Endocannabinoid System
Show Details30min 43s
A Less Addictive Remedy For Pain
Show Details31min 22s
Australian Medical Marijuana Mother Katrina Mosley
Show Details32min 46s
The Premier Destination For All Things Cannabis
Show Details37min 30s
Music Distribution Through Marijuana
Show Details29min 37s
Utah Pain Patient Enedina Stanger And Surviving Hospice with Cannabis
Show Details30min 7s
Diversity in Cannabis: Gender, Race, and Inclusion
Show Details32min 55s
Changing the Medical Marijuana Delivery Industry For Minorities
Show Details29min 6s
Across This Land The Exchange For Cannabis For Guns
Show Details32min 16s
Cannabis Proponent, Advocate and Entrepreneur Michael Kleinman
Show Details29min
Managing Editor Of Prison Legal News
Show Details28min 12s
Natural Acid Forms of Cannabinoids Which Provide Brain and Heart Protection
Show Details31min 2s
A Pioneer In The Industrial Hemp Industry
Show Details27min 27s
Comedian and Stage 4 Cancer Survivor
Show Details28min 54s
Effecting a Visual Revolution
Show Details28min 49s
The Legal Status of Cannabis-Based Drugs in Brazil
Show Details33min 19s
Safety-Centric Brand That Designs Products to Protect Personal Cannabis
Show Details30min 19s
Pioneering The Reintroduction of Hemp Paper Into American Business
Show Details28min 5s
Lawrence Serbin on The Global Movement for Hemp Production
Show Details30min 48s
Dagga Couple and The State of Cannabis in South Africa
Show Details31min 35s
Progress of The Washington Industrial Hemp Movement
Show Details34min 45s
Natalie DePriest: Life After Incarceration for Cannabis Poss.
Show Details30min
The Climate of British Cannabis Culture and The Route 420
Show Details27min 14s
Moms For Marijuana
Show Details28min 51s
Neuroscience Journalist Maia Szalavitz
Show Details36min 3s
Advocating for Marijuana Use in The State of Texas
Show Details31min 4s
Organic Farmer, Social Activist, and Educator Tom Lauerman
Show Details29min 5s
PDX Hempfest Expo Preview
Show Details29min 45s
Cannabis and the Soma Solution
Show Details31min 28s
Brave New Weed
Show Details31min 18s
Weed The People with Bruce Barcott
Show Details30min 16s
Healthy Living
Show Details30min 18s
Fixing America's Police Through Reform
Show Details31min 21s
Doctor's are Ignorant to Marijuana
Show Details32min 46s
Relationships: High Times and Norml
Show Details31min 42s
Helping End of Life Patients Pass Peacefully with Cannabis
Show Details33min 38s
Allowing Medical Marijuana at School
Show Details30min 52s
The Study of Cannabis and Social Policy
Show Details31min 59s
Hemp Foods in Australia
Show Details32min 4s
Suicide Prevention for PTSD-Stricken Veterans
Show Details30min 13s
The Changing Perception of Cannabis
Show Details31min 39s
NJ Weedman Ed Forchion
Show Details32min 43s
Hempocrisy Against the Kettle Falls 5
Show Details28min 52s
THC Advocacy and Drug Policy Revisited
Show Details32min 56s
Harvard Neuroscientist and Cannabis Researcher Dr. Staci Gruber
Show Details34min 21s
Heralding the Industrial Hemp Legalization Movement
Show Details31min 9s
Offering The Cannabis Industry Sustainability
Show Details31min 49s
Chasing the Scream with Johann Hari
Show Details30min 45s
Ending Cannabis Criminal Incarceration
Show Details32min 30s
Weighing in on Cannabis' Unpredictable Future
Show Details31min 21s
Horticulturist and Organic Specialist Richard Freeman, Ph.D
Show Details31min 41s
Surviving Hospice with Cannabis
Show Details30min 35s
Dope Magazine Visionary David Tran
Show Details28min 38s
No On California Prop 64 Argument with Dragonfly De La Cruz
Show Details29min 42s
California Prop 64 and The Push to Advance Cannabis
Show Details28min 44s
Medical Marijuana Talk From the Aloha State
Show Details32min 23s
CBD Therapeutic Healing and Herbal Treatment
Show Details32min 44s
Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney Douglas Hiatt
Show Details30min 31s
AC Braddock, CEO of Eden Labs
Show Details29min 48s
David Schmader Author of Weed: The User's Guide
Show Details32min 19s
NWMJ Law Attorney Aaron Pelley
Show Details32min 48s
Medical Marijuana Patient Jessamyn Way
Show Details28min 42s
Seattle Hempfest General Manager Sharon Whitson
Show Details32min 18s
Dr. Ostrow on Medical Cannabis and HIV
Show Details31min 2s
Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of NORML
Show Details31min 33s
Homegrown Marijuana: Create a Hydroponic Growing System in Y...
Show Details29min 57s
John Vergados Editor of SKUNK Magazine
Show Details31min 18s
Sean J. Major: Injured Veteran Seeking Cannabis
Show Details33min 50s
Renee Gagnon CEO of International Cannabis Centres Inc.
Show Details34min 45s
Cannabis Women's Alliance Founder Morgan Kristine
Show Details34min 40s
Seattle Mayor Pete Holmes
Show Details33min 11s
Seattle-Based Attorney Hilary Bricken
Show Details37min 7s
Blogger and Publisher Mark Taylor-Canfield
Show Details32min 11s
Paper and Leaf Co-Founder Brendan Hill
Show Details29min 15s
High Times Magazine Editor-in-Chief Dan Skye
Show Details24min 41s
Michael Brewer of Brewer & Shipley
Show Details24min 39s
Court-Qualified Cannabis Expert Witness and Consultant Chris Conrad
Show Details24min 35s
Legal Update with Douglas Hiatt
Show Details29min 26s
Utah Pain Patient Enedina Stanger
Show Details31min 18s
Bobby Black Blazin' on Hempresent
Show Details26min 59s
Cannabis and Satire with Paul Krassner
Show Details27min 26s
Paul Stanford of the THC Foundation
Show Details28min 16s
Mike McGinn Former Seattle Mayor
Show Details30min 36s
Shilo Murphy of the People's Harm Eduction Alliance
Show Details31min 11s
Nick Licata Former Seattle City Council President
Show Details30min 6s
Cannabis Can Help the Homeless
Show Details29min 8s
Veterans Outreach for Texas NORML
Show Details29min 37s
Martin Lee from Project CBD
Show Details32min 19s
Mowgli Holmes from Phylos Bioscience
Show Details29min 26s
The Human Solution International
Show Details30min 33s
Jack Cole from LEAP
Show Details28min 59s
Ezra Parzybok: Cannabis Consultant Investigated for Drug Charges
Show Details30min 43s
Steve Hager from High Times Magazine
Show Details29min 36s
Jorge Cervantes: Finishing the Cannabis Encyclopedia
Show Details30min 52s
Ah Warner of Cannabis Basics
Show Details31min 4s
Debby Goldsberry: Cannabis Freedom Fighter
Show Details32min 27s
David Rheins: Ambassador for Marijuana Business
Show Details30min 54s
Let's Hempresent the Good News
Show Details31min 35s
Roger Barbour: Devoted Father Fights For Cannabis
Show Details29min 50s
Rick Simpson and Phoenix Tears: Nature's Answer For Cancer
Show Details32min 36s
Joy Beckerman: Hemp Ace International
Show Details31min
Drug War Facts and Common Sense For Drug Policy
Show Details28min 22s
Graphic Designing Guru Art Chantry
Show Details34min 54s
Effectiveness and Economics of Medical Marijuana
Show Details27min 11s
Tackling Marijuana Myths and Cannabis Vaporization Research
Show Details30min 52s
Endocannabinoids and Their Cannabis Healing Properties
Show Details31min 23s
Washington State Cannabis Legalization and Its Regulatory Hurdles
Show Details28min 54s
The Case Against Naturopathic Doctor Kathleen Naughton
Show Details28min 6s
Rolland Gregg and the Hypocrisy (or "Hemp"ocrisy) Against the Kettle Falls 5
Show Details29min 28s
Cannabis Advocacy, Legal Practice and Defending the Kettle Falls 5
Show Details30min 47s
Cannabis Radio is Ready to Hempresent!
Show Details2min 20s