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Helping Couples Heal Podcast

Welcome to the Helping Couples Heal podcast. If you have lost hope around healing your relationship due to infidelity, relational or betrayal trauma you have come to the right place. Helping Couples Heal is an ongoing podcast designed to help couples recover and heal from the impact of betrayal trauma on their relationships. We cumulatively bring over two decades of experience and expertise in the field of betrayal. Throughout this podcast series, we will offer resources and support and teach you the tools and skills necessary to heal your relationship. You will also hear from recovered addicts, partners, and couples who will share their stories, as well as from experts in the field of betrayal. With compassion, love and fierce commitment, we will guide you and walk beside you as you navigate this journey of recovery, hope, and healing. Thank you for inviting us into your world; we are honored to support you.


41: Betrayed Partner Trauma Responses
Show Details19min 15s
40: Community
Show Details44min 4s
Special Episode - Carol The Coach interviews Marnie about the HCH Couples Community
Show Details41min 10s
39: Life After Recovery
Show Details22min 13s
38: Transparency After Betrayal
Show Details23min 18s
37: Time and Expectations
Show Details26min 44s
36: Shame
Show Details29min 42s
35: Sexual Health with Dr. Emily Morse
Show Details48min 31s
34: Betrayed By Porn
Show Details15min 30s
33: The Complexity of Trust
Show Details25min 27s
32: Therapeutic Separation
Show Details31min 37s
31: Feeling Stuck
Show Details24min 29s
30: The Truth: A Conversation with Neil Strauss Part 2
Show Details54min 18s
29: When Feeling of Safety Don't Align: Sexual Recovery is Not Enough
Show Details27min 38s
28: Couples Therapy: Too Soon or Not Soon Enough?
Show Details25min 32s
27: PACT Therapy, Attachment and Betrayal Trauma with Stan Tatkin
Show Details1hr 3min
26 Finding Professional Support
Show Details25min 59s
25: Grief & Loss During the Holidays
Show Details20min 4s
24: Betrayal Trauma & The Polygraph
Show Details1hr 8min
23: The Shame of Staying
Show Details23min 41s
22: The Truth: A Conversation with Neil Strauss
Show Details55min 34s
21: A Conversation With Dr. Rob Weiss
Show Details51min 6s
20: Emotional Attunement & Shame
Show Details20min 33s
19: Emotional Attunement & Empathy
Show Details30min 50s
18: Understanding Betrayal with Dr. Omar Minwalla Part Three
Show Details1hr 8min
17: Coping With The Pandemic
Show Details18min 59s
16: Understanding Betrayal with Dr. Omar Minwalla Part Two
Show Details41min 26s
15: Understanding Betrayal with Dr. Omar Minwalla Part One
Show Details37min 21s
14: Marsha & Michael's Recovery Story
Show Details1hr 7min
13: Trust After Betrayal
Show Details23min 14s
12: Understanding Disclosure with Dan Drake
Show Details48min 11s
11: Evolution of Partner Trauma Treatment with Stefanie Carnes
Show Details45min 19s
10: A Partner Sensitive Recovery Plan
Show Details18min 44s
09: Discovery: Managing the Crisis
Show Details35min 17s
08: John & Jane's Recovery Story
Show Details51min
07: Interview with Dr. Omar Minwalla
Show Details44min 3s
06: The Sex Addict: Integrating the Partner Trauma Model Part 2
Show Details25min 35s
05: The Sex Addict: Integrating the Partner Trauma Model Part 1
Show Details36min 14s
04: Survival Responses
Show Details21min 39s
03: Pathologizing the Partner vs. Partner Trauma Model
Show Details23min 9s
02: Betrayal Trauma & Relational Healing
Show Details27min 9s
01: Introduction & Hope
Show Details22min 25s