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Heart Votes Love

The heart knows what the mind cannot and can never understand. Heart Votes Love is a guided meditation, affirmation and music experience to help you quiet your mind, open your heart and find clarity on the inside. Everything we say, think or do in life begins with a thought.

Shift into a calm, joy-filled state at the click of a button with Heart Votes Love. Each meditation is carefully composed, guided and presented. With themes such as love and creativity, Heart Votes Love offers many approaches to being present and in the present moment to help you make informed decisions in your life, whether it be falling deeper in love with yourself or trying to find clarity among the everyday chaos. . 

With Heart Votes Love, relive the wisdom, language and energy of your heart. You'll take a guided tour of your feelings and emotions so you can let them go. Practice hearing what others are thinking and feeling, as well as allowing yourself to receive all that is good in the world. Heart Votes Love contains layered audio tracks featuring multiple voices, soundscapes and music. Each track is curated to help you merge with a state of ease, clarity, compassion and joy - guiding the listener into the heart's wisdom in real time. 



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