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Want to become a health coach? Hear what it's like to be a health coach, directly from successful coaches themselves! In the Health Coach Careers podcast, we share the best health coach interviews to pull back the curtain on how they started and grew their own health and wellness coaching practices.

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These interviews originally aired on The Wellpreneur Podcast. The wellness industry is booming, and many people are considering training as a health and wellness coach either as a new career, to start their own business as a wellness entrepreneur, or to complement other holistic therapies, yoga, nutrition etc. This podcast is hosted by Amanda Cook, founder of Wellpreneur.


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Start Where You Are with Elizabeth Rider
Show Details32min 6s
Real Health Coaches: Heidi Symonds
Show Details33min 55s
Real Health Coaches: Ciara Foy
Show Details31min 49s
Pivoting to Play with Alexandra Jamieson
Show Details27min 49s
How Health Coach Jennifer Fugo got on the Dr. Oz show (and got 18k Facebook Likes in one year!)
Show Details32min 33s
Amani Kaite - Using LinkedIn to Find Coaching Clients
Show Details22min 32s
How This Health Coach Became Location Independent
Show Details28min 33s
Real Health Coaches: Marla Bozic
Show Details26min 22s
Real Health Coaches: Alexx Stuart
Show Details35min 51s