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Head Pieces

Welcome to Head Pieces, new bite-size dramas written for podcast. 

Designed to be amusing, intriguing and moving, Head Pieces focus on ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Enjoy!


S2 E5 Ballroom in the Box Room
Show Details12min 50s
S2 E4 Soul Mate Scott
Show Details13min 9s
S2 E3 Hugs for Hornpipe
Show Details15min 11s
S2 E2 Not Abseiling
Show Details14min 8s
S2 E1 Recline & Rinse
Show Details15min 40s
S1 E5 In A Tight Corner
Show Details12min 50s
S1 E4 Quite Confidential
Show Details16min 50s
S1 E3 Getting Snookered
Show Details13min 16s
S1 E2 First Flight to Faro
Show Details16min 14s
S1 E1 Losing Leonard
Show Details13min 43s
Introducing Head Pieces
Show Details39s