He Said She Said

He Said She Said is a podcast hosted by Ayyub and Hendree, two of your typical medical students. Every week they bring in guests (their friends) to talk about a variety of things: their university life, their adjustments to new countries, group stories and many more! Each of our guests also get to play a series of fun and (sometimes) challenging mini games to keep them on the edge of their seats - all while having fun.


#15 - K-Drama, Bestie Check and More Spooky Stories with Qilah, Nana, Jannathul and Yi Xuan
Show Details3hr 1min
#14 - Medicine in Scotland, IKEA trips and LDR with Alex, Deejah and Iqbal
Show Details2hr 49min
#13 - Ideal Types, Arranged Blind Dates and their History feat G4
Show Details2hr 37min
#12 - Enemies to Friends, Sonic Impression and Sus Moments with Elyas, Shauqi and Ikhwan
Show Details2hr 49min
#11 - Maktab Sains Memories, Hiding in Drum Kit and Career Choices with Jayson, Steven, Zoe & Iffat
Show Details1hr 24min
#10 - Korean Culture, Hospital Stories and more Scary Stories with OSCE geng
Show Details2hr 12min
#9 - Religious School Experience, The Best Movie Ever and Pop Culture Showdown with Wazif & Zakwan
Show Details2hr 26min
#8 - Dentistry Drama, Ghost Stories and Superlatives with Dentistry Cohort 4
Show Details2hr 20min
#7 - Indonesian Bruno Mars, Hockey Journey and Our BTS Biases with Farah & Syakirah
Show Details2hr 10min
#6 - Genshin Impact, the Euro Cup and a Marriage Proposal with Dion & Dylan
Show Details1hr 31min
#6 - Genshin Impact, the Euro Cup and a Marriage Proposal with Dion & Dylan
Show Details1hr 31min
#5 - Nursing Journey, Dream Destinations and a JB Scandal with Nazwa
Show Details1hr 32min
#4 - The Car Show, A Levels, and a very PG 18 episode with Ryan & Zhin May
Show Details1hr 28min
#3 - Nikki Minaj, Hospital Playlist & We're Starting a Band with Farz & Allen
Show Details2hr 14min
#2 - UK, Volleyball and Relationships with Asyraff & Joan
Show Details2hr 14min
#1 - Medicine to Law, Sports and Pixar Movies with Damien & Thufail
Show Details1hr 34min