The Intimacy Experiment

Tarah and E.J. Kerwin are two therapists who co-facilitate couples and family therapy and own and operate a couples counseling facility in Tucson, AZ called He Said She Said Counseling. Additionally, they are a married couple raising a blended family with four children. The Intimacy Experiment is a podcast exploring the joys and challenges of navigating intimate relationships. We know that when relationships are connected and secure the everyday stresses of life become much more manageable. We also know that cultivating a healthy, loving relationship takes insight, intentionality, and work. Our goal is to help couples understand themselves and each other better and love each other in a more fulfilling manner.  Proactivity in your relationship will prevent future discontent and build confidence that no matter what life hands to you, you have each other’s support and love to make it through.  


It's a Slippery Slope
Show Details17min 23s
Hello Intimacy Do I Really Know You?
Show Details14min 38s
Love in the New Normal
Show Details15min 11s
Safe and Sound Part 3
Show Details29min 11s
Safe and Sound Part 2
Show Details26min 20s
Safe and Sound Part 1
Show Details29min 14s
I'm Not A Mind Reader
Show Details26min 58s
It's Getting Cold In Here
Show Details26min 52s
The Grass Is Not Greener
Show Details25min 12s
Faulty Wiring
Show Details30min 9s
Build Me Up: How to make your partner feel special
Show Details28min 32s
Tune In, Tune Out
Show Details27min 19s
Our Story
Show Details21min 35s