• A Deep Dive Into Crypto

    UC Law SF Journal (formerly Hastings Law Journal) Volume 74 takes a deep dive into all things crypto. Executive Communications Editors Zachary Leonard and Victor Qiu sit down with authors of various articles to discuss a few different articles featured in Volume 74 of the UC Law SF Journal. Many thanks to Darian Ibrahim, Dr. Roee Sarel, Hadar Jabotinsky, and Nizan Packin for their articles and contributions to the podcast. Producers of this podcast include: Celine Moubayed, Andie Grossman, and Anthony Lindsey. This podcast is brought to you by the UC Law SF Journal Volume 74 executive board and staff. Please check out the entire collection of articles at https://repository.uclawsf.edu/hastings_law_journal/.

    52m - Jun 12, 2023
  • Interview with the Authors: Identifying and Countering Fake News

    In Hastings Law Journal's first podcast, Executive Communication Editors Mina Turan (Vol. 73) and Zachary Leonard (Vol. 74) sit down with authors Mark Verstraete, Jane R. Bambauer, and Derek E. Bambauer to discuss their article Identifying and Countering Fake News. You can read the article in Hastings Law Journal Volume 73, Issue 5 here, and you can check out other Hastings Law Journal publications here.

    Special thanks to Zhi Yang Tan and Hannah Park for their contributions in editing and production. Thanks to Volume 73 Editor-in-Cheif, LeeAnna M. Bowman Carpio, for spearheading the launch of the Hastings Law Journal podcast. A very special thanks to Mark Verstraete, Jane R. Bambauer, and Derek E. Bambauer for their article and their time. Finally, thanks to the entire Hastings Law Journal team for their contributions to this podcast and publication of Volume 73.

    37m - Jul 18, 2022
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