Harry Worth

Harry Bourlon Illingsworth, professionally known as Harry Worth, was an English comedy actor, comedian and ventriloquist. Unlike the brash humour of other comedians at the time, Worth portrayed a charming, gentle and genial character, totally bemused by life, creating comedic confusion wherever he went.


Harry Worth - All At Sea
Show Details26min 39s
Harry Worth - And So to Bed
Show Details26min 36s
Harry Worth - The Alarm Call
Show Details17min 1s
Harry Worth - The Blackmail Letter
Show Details27min 28s
Harry Worth - The Doctor
Show Details26min 43s
Harry Worth - Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot
Show Details26min 36s
Harry Worth - It Never Rains
Show Details26min 44s
Harry Worth - The Televison Set
Show Details26min 47s
Harry Worth - The Visit
Show Details27min 4s
Harry Worth - Take a Chance
Show Details26min 30s
Harry Worth - The Camera
Show Details26min 59s
Harry Worth - The 10-15 To Gatwick
Show Details26min 22s
Harry Worth - The Wedding
Show Details27min 10s
Harry Worth - The Request
Show Details26min 54s
Harry Worth - The Insurance Stamps
Show Details26min 51s
Harry Worth - The Play
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Harry Worth - The Holiday
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Harry Worth - Life Begins at 40
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