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Hardcore/Casual (hosted by WhackOpz) is a podcast and live show that covers the week's news in gaming, entertainment and pop culture, as well as dissects the ever-changing landscape of technology and it's impact on our media.

Each week will include the "Trigger Warning" topic of the week, where host WhackOpz gets into the weeds of specific topic within the entertainment and gaming space.

Hardcore/Casual is a place for you to learn more about the fastest growing industry in the world and find new perspectives on the media we consume everyday. Whether you are a grizzled gaming veteran or a day one noob, Hardcore/Casual is place you can feel welcome and grow along side us as we traverse to expansive world of gaming and media.


H/C Episode #23: Nintendo Direct Breakdown
Show Details43min 50s
H/C Episode #22: Sony Buys Bungie
Show Details1hr 6min
H/C Episode #21: Pokémon vs. the World
Show Details48min 56s
H/C Episode #20: Microsoft Buys Activision
Show Details57min 1s
H/C BONUS Episode: Most Anticipated Video Games 2022
Show Details28min 55s
H/C BONUS Episode: The Game Awards Recap & Reaction
Show Details59min 36s
H/C Episode #19: It's time to talk NFTs
Show Details58min 30s
H/C Episode #18: Can we talk about this Wu Tang RPG tho?
Show Details1hr 13min
H/C Episode #17: The Unholy Trinity - EA, Ubisoft, & Activision
Show Details51min 58s
H/C Episode #16: Live Service Drama!
Show Details1hr 8min
H/C Episode #15: Facebook Crashed, Twitch Leaked, and Apple Has All Our Money
Show Details1hr 15min
H/C Episode #14: Let's Talk Nintendo
Show Details58min 34s
H/C Episode #13: Delays, Leaks, & Lawsuits! Oh My!
Show Details58min 50s
H/C Episode #12: It's All About PlayStation
Show Details48min 51s
H/C Episode #11: A Day Off Twitch & A Week Off OnlyFans
Show Details1hr 8min
H/C BONUS Episode: GamesCom Breakdown
Show Details28min 36s
H/C Episode #10: Spiderman, Halo & People Behaving Badly
Show Details59min 12s
H/C Episode #9: The Great Gamepass Controversy
Show Details1hr 11min
H/C Episode #8: Disney (& Marvel) vs. Hollywood
Show Details1hr 5min
H/C Episode #7: From Super Suit to Lawsuit
Show Details53min 21s
H/C Episode #6: Action Against Activision
Show Details58min 55s
H/C Episode #5: Kotaku Breaks Twitter... Again
Show Details37min 45s
H/C Episode #4: "Hold My Beer"
Show Details54min 46s
H/C Episode #3: OLED, Oh No...
Show Details1hr 14min
H/C Episode #2: "Platform X"
Show Details1hr 12min
H/C BONUS Episode: E3 Breakdown
Show Details43min 2s
H/C Episode #1: Introducing your Host...
Show Details1hr 18min
Welcome to Hardcore/Casual
Show Details1min 53s