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Mom Life Happy Hour | Girl Chat, Mom Life, Parenting, Happy Hour, Wellness, Style, Love, Dating, Marriage, Woman, Working Mom, Glam, Mental Health, Relationships, Personal Growth

Welcome to the Mom Life Happy Hour Podcast!

Do you miss going to happy hour with your friends?

Are you a 30 something mom who is overly-scheduled, exhausted and in desperate need of some "me" time?

Do you struggle with connecting with adults because you're so consumed in your kids life?

Would you love to feel part of a community so you don't feel so alone?

In this podcast, we want you to know that your not alone, we miss our happy hour catch up time too! Join us for your mid-week mental escape from the chaos. Listen in to laugh, cry and feel like you're at happy hour with your crazy girlfriends! We promise that you won't feel alone as we chat and have unfiltered convos about motherhood, health, relationships, personal growth, jobs, marriage, single life, kids, mental health, style, wellness, sex and entrepreneurship.

Hi, It's Keisha & Rebecca! We got tired of not getting together with our girlfriends to catch up, feeling stressed out, and having no place to go to vent on the regular, so we created one. Come with us on this journey so that you know you're not alone with your everyday struggles. Having your girlfriend time is so needed in this crazy world and we so excited to welcome you to our community!



E35: The STRUGGLE of how and when to start CHORES and ALLOWANCES for kids.
Show Details36min 25s
E34: Nicknames
Show Details27min 45s
E33: Feminine & Masculine energy in life, parenting & relationships.
Show Details27min 9s
E32: All things BACK to SCHOOL! 🚌
Show Details28min 16s
E31: Invest Fest recap and the importance of surrounding yourself with like minded people!
Show Details23min 54s
E30: Will the stores stop trying to steal our summer?! Halloween Costumes out in July?!
Show Details19min 19s
Show Details9min 2s
E28: What the heck do you do with your kids in the SUMMER?!
Show Details30min 56s
E27: Women's rights and Roe V. Wade
Show Details18min 29s
E26: Talking to your kids about their bodies, periods, sex....and other awkward convos
Show Details32min 18s
E25: The rising cost of EVERYTHING! Gas prices, possible recession, and food costs 😩
Show Details34min 54s
E24: Adult Birthday Parties 🎉
Show Details32min 24s
E23: 💪Workouts! 💪
Show Details29min 59s
E22: A Raw Conversation about school shootings. How can we protect our babies?
Show Details19min 44s
E21: The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Baby Formula Shortage
Show Details26min 38s
E20: Bathing suits 👙🩱 Why is it so hard to find one you love?!
Show Details33min 14s
E19: Imposter Syndrome
Show Details39min 33s
E18: Spring Break 2022 recap: Keisha & Rebecca go to DISNEY!
Show Details38min 25s
E17: What about your FRIENDS?
Show Details41min 25s
E16: Favorite Things: Spring/Summer Edition
Show Details32min 36s
E15: The Joys of being a WOMAN ~ Ovarian Cysts, Fibroids, Heavy Periods, Cramps.. what your GYNO didn't tell you!
Show Details33min 6s
E14: The importance of having a SIDE HUSTLE and diversifying your income.
Show Details38min 3s
E13: The Will Smith Oscars Bitch Slap 👋
Show Details23min 26s
E12: Kid's Birthday Parties... Have they gotten out of hand?
Show Details37min 26s
E11: Wife, Mother, your Job Title.. Who are you besides those things? Deep Thoughts with Keisha & Rebecca.
Show Details25min 24s
E10: Fun Fashion Chat! What happened to all the clothes and where we are shopping at these days.
Show Details31min 7s
E9: Feel like your kids SPORTS are taking over your life? You're not alone!
Show Details32min 58s
E8: When's the last time you did something for yourself? Why self-care is so important and our best ideas to take some time for yourself!
Show Details30min 19s
E7: Oh! The Joys of PREGNANCY!
Show Details38min 11s
E6: Real Deal Mom Chat
Show Details37min 58s
E5: Online Dating... The Good, The bad and the Ugly part of Online Dating.
Show Details32min 36s
E4: The 5 Love Languages. How they can help us with our relationships.
Show Details30min 49s
E3: Things I wish I could tell my younger self.
Show Details38min 37s
E2: 2022 New Year, New You! Vision Boards, Goals and Resolutions.
Show Details34min 8s
E1: Who the Heck are Keisha & Rebecca? Intro into the Happy Hour Convos!
Show Details24min 9s
{Trailer} Happy Hour Convos
Show Details1min 16s