Happy Horror Coffee Break (old time horror radio show)

The scariest stories on the internet made fun! We take the best and WORST creepypasta stories online, and act them out in the form of old timey horror radio dramas, all in about the span of a Coffee Break. There’s plenty of special guests. We have music, and t-shirst! It’s the extra SCREAM in your latte! Support this podcast:


Season 6.66: The Best of the Guests!
Show Details1hr 44min
Season 6.66, Ep. 5: Hack Magic
Show Details25min 1s
Season 6.66, Ep 4: Go into the woods, see if we care!
Show Details31min 9s
Season 6, Ep 3: Mother-in-Law Meets The Vampires
Show Details31min 29s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 20
Show Details13min 34s
Season 6, Ep. 2: The Ravin’
Show Details33min 48s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 19
Show Details9min 57s
Season 6, Ep. 1: Piper Down
Show Details33min 26s
Xmas Smecial 4OUR: Krampin' our style
Show Details33min 46s
Crappypasta crorner episode 18
Show Details10min 51s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 17
Show Details13min 34s
Season 5 HALLOWEEN Spec-Spac-Spook-Funtacular!
Show Details34min 55s
Crappypasta Crorner Episode 16
Show Details7min 41s
S5, Ep15: SEASON FINALE! Crease of the Voodoo
Show Details35min 30s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 15
Show Details5min 19s
S5, Ep14: Invaders From Uranus
Show Details32min 21s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 14
Show Details14min 25s
S5, Ep13: The Legend of the Heck Home
Show Details41min 1s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 13
Show Details12min 48s
S5, Ep12: Day of the Deada** Creepiest Stories
Show Details37min 12s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 12
Show Details10min 37s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 11
Show Details19min 39s
S5, Ep10: Circus of Boobs
Show Details35min 24s
Garth Garfunkel’s Freakshow Grandstand ep2
Show Details1hr 6min
Crappypasta Crorner episode 10
Show Details9min 57s
S5, Ep9: Episode 9 From Outer Space
Show Details35min 9s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 9
Show Details11min 50s
S5 Ep8: Davi and the Beyondersons
Show Details36min 29s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 8
Show Details25min 44s
S5 Ep7: Hobo With a Shot o’ RUN!
Show Details38min 20s
Garth Garfunkel’s Freakshow Grandstand Ep1
Show Details45min 18s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 7
Show Details16min 50s
S5, Ep6: The one where the gang melts your face/off
Show Details37min 15s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 6
Show Details14min 46s
S5, Ep5: Devil’s Avocados
Show Details44min 10s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 5
Show Details9min 7s
S5, Ep4: Invasion of the Bad Story Hatchers
Show Details33min 13s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 4
Show Details14min 46s
S5, Ep3: Corny Kids
Show Details27min 40s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 3
Show Details9min 11s
S5, Ep2: Moonshiney Hiney
Show Details30min 36s
Crappypasta Crorner episode 2
Show Details13min 50s
ForthHand Media Network Round Table - Episode 1: Covid-19
Show Details57min 33s
Crappypasta Crorner Ep1
Show Details13min 4s
S5, Ep1: Dance of the Debils
Show Details29min 37s
Season 4 Inter-messo
Show Details3min 9s
S4: XMAS Smecial, The Tird!
Show Details19min 52s
S4, Ep10: Californ-Yaaas Queen
Show Details34min 24s
S4, Ep9: Englandular Secretions
Show Details21min 56s
S4, Ep8: Scot-Free Radio
Show Details29min 37s
S4, Ep7: Your Deepest Des-Ireland
Show Details42min 36s
S4, Ep6: We had our lows and Ohio’s
Show Details27min 17s
S4, Ep.5: Are You Tex-perienced?
Show Details27min 36s
S4, Ep4: Goin’ Out With Our Big Girl France On
Show Details28min 5s
S4, Ep3: Openin’ up a Canada Whoop-A***
Show Details35min 1s
S4, Ep2: Just a Deutsch of Humor
Show Details25min 36s
S4, Ep1: Dude, Swede!
Show Details30min 24s
Show Details30min 10s
S3, Ep20: Possession Obsession
Show Details27min 32s
S3, Ep19: All that illin’ noise
Show Details17min 48s
S3, Ep18: The Long and Hard road to redemption
Show Details28min 50s
THe One Where The Gang Gets Arrested
Show Details1min 34s
S3, Ep17: The Afternoon of the Not-so-dead-anymore
Show Details29min 1s
S3, Ep16: Don’t touch that dial!
Show Details23min 36s
Xmas Smecial Part Doo
Show Details22min 30s
S3, Ep14: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Insanity
Show Details22min 39s
S3, Ep13: Not-so-fun house
Show Details29min 33s
S3, Ep12: Sooper-Dooper Pooper-Scooper! Featuring Kristen Lucas
Show Details26min 14s
S3, Ep11: 2nd annual Halloween Spec-spac-spook-funtacular!
Show Details55min 42s
S3, Ep10: Wreck’d ‘em? Dam near kill’d ‘em! Featuring Angela Landis
Show Details31min 23s
S3, Ep9: Hijacked Hijinks
Show Details13min 2s
S3, Ep8: Medium Rarities
Show Details27min 40s
S3, Ep7: Heavy Pets
Show Details35min 43s
S3, Ep6: I know you are, and so am I!
Show Details34min 40s
S3, Ep5: Lawd n’ ‘Orror
Show Details38min 15s
Xmas (in july) Smecial
Show Details31min 29s
S3, Ep4: Spiritually woke
Show Details28min 4s
S3 Ep3: Pitchin' an' Catchin' featuring Gav and Dave from the Films On Trial podcast
Show Details28min 18s
S3 Ep2: Eight Legged Freaky Stories!
Show Details31min 59s
s3 ep1 We're Back! A dingus's story. Featuring Brent Hand and John Goforth of Hysteria 51 Podcast
Show Details20min 49s
Happy Horror Coffee Break (old time horror radio show) (Trailer)
Show Details1min 3s