Happy Campers

Figuring out what it means to be grown-up campers in the world


Episode 119 - Dream Camp with Tracy Soren!
Show Details15min 8s
Episode 118 - Camp Poyntelle Lewis Village with Tracy Soren
Show Details50min 29s
Episode 117 - Diabetes Camp Traditions!
Show Details12min 23s
Episode 116 - Diabetes Camp with Scott Newman!
Show Details48min 49s
Episode 115 - Rebecca Shapiro's Ultimate 90's Summer Playlist
Show Details9min 29s
Episode 114 - Camp Camp with Rebecca Shapiro
Show Details36min 59s
Episode 113 - Bravo's Camp Getaway with Randall Klein
Show Details48min 36s
Episode 112 - Camp Girls with Iris Krasnow
Show Details57min 8s
Episode 111 - Future Farmers of America Camp!
Show Details21min 26s
Episode 110 - Crip Camp!
Show Details17min 23s
Episode 109 - Nobody Will Tell You This But Bess Kalb
Show Details44min 14s
Episode 108 - Church Camp with Bo!
Show Details45min 11s
Episode 108 - Dream Camp!
Show Details13min 46s
Episode 106 - 92Y Camps!
Show Details38min 4s
Episode 105 - Wyo and Walden
Show Details27min 52s
Episode 104 - Out at Camp
Show Details52min 23s
Episode 103 - Quaker Camp Take 2!
Show Details43min 25s
Episode 102
Show Details11min 39s
Episode 101 - Our Newest Happy Camper!
Show Details49min 56s
Episode 100 - Crossover Episode with Essie's Hour of Love!
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 98 - A Camp Bat Mitzvah!
Show Details11min 34s
Episode 97 - Camp Vibes with Rock N' Roll Playhouse
Show Details33min 52s
Episode 96 - Camper Sam!
Show Details14min 38s
Episode 95 - Wilderness CPR
Show Details33min 20s
Episode 94 - Dream Camp Sunbeam!
Show Details12min 51s
Episode 93 - Getting Gnarly!
Show Details40min 12s
Episode 92 - Robbie Fuego Returns
Show Details14min 32s
Episode 91 - How Camp Directors Spend Their Sundays
Show Details59min 10s
Episode 90 - CAMPOWERMENT!
Show Details35min 21s
Episode 89 - Calling All Word Nerds!
Show Details13min 3s
Episode 88 - Camp Vega with Anna Roisman!
Show Details58min 57s
Episode 87 - Camp Talk Joey Greene from Queer Eye!
Show Details34min 6s
Episode 84 - Like Father Like Son
Show Details13min 39s
Episode 83 - The (Pop) Culture of Summer Camp
Show Details35min 36s
Episode 82 - Camp Food!
Show Details39min 10s
Episode 81 - Meet Renee from ACA!
Show Details44min 26s
Episode 80 - The Lifelong Camper
Show Details20min 20s
Episode 79 - SCOPE!
Show Details34min 15s
Episode 78 - Would You Rathers Return!
Show Details15min 20s
Episode 77 - Bully Beware
Show Details49min 32s
Episode 76 - Corporate Takeover Day!
Show Details17min 5s
Episode 75 - Quaker Camp!
Show Details39min 8s
Episode 74 - Jesus Camp
Show Details50min 8s
Episode 73 - Always a Camper
Show Details17min 25s
Episode 72 - Sammy's Punday Sunday
Show Details12min 54s
Episode 71 - Getting In Tents with Puns
Show Details41min 32s
Episode 70 - Eisner Crew, Always True
Show Details44min 31s
Episode 69 - Eisner Camp!
Show Details55min 14s
Episode 68 - No Flex
Show Details29min 9s
Episode 67 - CAMP TACONIC!!
Show Details34min 42s
Episode 66 - Live from Taconic it's CINOCAT!
Show Details43min 15s
Episode 65 - Happy Campers Live!
Show Details48min 46s
Episode 64 - Cinocat!
Show Details1hr 12min
Special Camp Bonfire Re-RELEASE!
Show Details1hr 21min
Announcements, Announcements, Announcements!!
Show Details7min 48s
Episode 63 - Love Your Sleep. Make Your Bed.
Show Details39min 56s
Episode 62 - Mental Health at Camp
Show Details40min 16s
Episode 61 - One Not So Happy Camper
Show Details17min 22s
Episode 60 - The Camper Diaries
Show Details38min 3s
Episode 59 - Bruised Ankle or Bruised Ego?
Show Details10min 58s
Episode 58 - Hey Now, You're an All Star!
Show Details26min 39s
Episode 57 - The Perfect Camp
Show Details18min 23s
Episode 56 - Staff Brats!
Show Details53min 17s
Episode 55 - The Very First Summer
Show Details50min 53s
Episode 54 - Space Camp!
Show Details32min 2s
Episode 53 - We've Got Magic To Do!
Show Details41min 52s
Episode 52 - Horse Girls Unite!
Show Details25min 43s
Episode 51 - Reunited And It Feels So Good!
Show Details43min 9s
Episode 50 - 2017 Holiday Special!
Show Details13min 8s
Episode 49 - Where have your fingers been?!
Show Details24min 39s
Episode 48 - Yes, AND!
Show Details38min 15s
Episode 47 - Salute Your Soffee Shorts!
Show Details23min 2s
Episode 46 - Walden Greets You Pleased to Meet You!
Show Details35min 31s
Episode 45 - Camp Sunshine Part 2
Show Details41min 35s
Episode 44 - Camp Sunshine Part 1
Show Details44min 48s
Episode 43 - We'll Tell You Of Camp Cobbossee So Far Far Away!
Show Details37min 45s
Episode 42 - Who Would You Be If You Never Went To Camp?
Show Details22min 9s
Episode 41 - We're Back!
Show Details53min 6s
That's a Wrap!...on Season 1
Show Details9min 4s
Episode 40 - Scout Master Stew
Show Details13min 30s
Episode 39 - Grandpa Stew's Camp Crew
Show Details45min 26s
Episode 38 - Your Favorite Foreign Counselors
Show Details36min 19s
Episode 37 - Camp Bonfire Adventures You SO MUCH!
Show Details1hr 21min
Episode 36 - The Tiniest Camper!
Show Details18min 17s
Episode 35 - Getting To Know Us
Show Details47min 29s
Episode 34 - Essie's Fifteen Minutes of Camp!
Show Details12min 38s
Episode 33 - Essie's Hour of Camp
Show Details43min 19s
Episode 32 - [Don't] Break a Leg!
Show Details26min 30s
Episode 31 - Packing 101
Show Details47min 1s
Episode 30 - H is for Happy Campers
Show Details16min 52s
Episode 29 - Stacy's Books Have Got It Going On
Show Details47min 47s
Episode 28 - Amazing Amy Goes to Camp!
Show Details49min 36s
Episode 27 - Pranksters Unite!
Show Details19min 46s
Episode 26 - There's A Prankster in All of Us
Show Details56min 5s
Episode 25 - Fantastic Camps and How to Find Them!
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 24 - Stroll Down Memory Lane
Show Details12min 7s
Episode 23 - Oldies But Goodies!
Show Details42min 52s
Episode 22 - Grown-Ups Just Want To Have Fun!
Show Details14min 59s
Episode 21 - Adult Camp: No Kids Allowed!
Show Details59min 52s
Episode 20 - Camp Goals AF
Show Details13min 52s
Episode 19 - From the Mouths of Babes
Show Details45min 21s
Episode 18 - Let the Games Begin!
Show Details13min 44s
Episode 17 - Camp Hollywoods!
Show Details39min 35s
Episode 16 - Boys Camp 101
Show Details14min 33s
Episode 15 - No Girls Allowed!
Show Details58min 9s
Episode 14 - Special Holiday Episode!
Show Details45min 34s
Episode 13 - The Song Man!
Show Details13min 3s
Episode 12 - Summer Loving!
Show Details47min 26s
Episode 11 - Fat Camp: The Trek Up Cardiac Hill
Show Details17min 10s
Episode 10 - Camp as a Safe Space Part 2
Show Details53min 43s
Episode 9 - Camp as a Safe Space Part 1
Show Details43min 50s
Episode 8 - Lights Out!
Show Details14min 19s
Episode 7 - But It's Tradition!
Show Details52min 1s
Episode 6 - Getting the Hang of Hygiene
Show Details14min 18s
Episode 5 - Your Body and Camp!
Show Details49min 59s
Episode 4 - Oh, Those Summer Songs
Show Details19min 52s
Episode 3 - There's a Performer in All of Us
Show Details50min
Episode 2 - Maggie Gyllenhaal Is My Friend
Show Details15min 13s
Episode 1 - No Boys Allowed!
Show Details47min 14s