Handsome Hockey Podcast

Jake Montie and Evan Stravers host a hockey podcast based in Portland, Oregon featuring snarky beer league player perspectives on the NHL, local and worldwide hockey happenings, and a variety of other topics.


Ep. 16: Anything You Can Bubble We Can Bubble Better
Show Details1hr
Ep. 15: MC Hammer Taught Us Nothing
Show Details54min 23s
Ep. 14: Mega 2021 Season Preview
Show Details1hr 49min
Ep 13: I Don't See Your Stinking Lines, Man
Show Details45min 4s
Ep. 12: Thunder Rolls and Lightning Strike (At Their Cap Issues)
Show Details53min 46s
Ep. 11: The Term is Fleeced
Show Details49min 30s
Ep. 10: You Say You Want a Hockey Season
Show Details39min 52s
Ep. 9: An Eloquent Turn of Phrase
Show Details1hr 8min