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Halloweengirlforever ASMR

Hi everyone! I'll be sharing everything horror related in ASMR! Share ghost stories, talk horror, and much more! So come join me and enjoy the spooky tingles!


Horror Holiday Movies To Watch ASMR
Show Details3min 37s
The Ghost Family Seen During Christmas Time Story ASMR
Show Details3min 48s
ASMR Thanksgiving Special: Spooky Stories Part 2
Show Details8min 19s
Haunted Libraries ASMR With Spooky Sounds
Show Details7min 13s
Frightening Facts ASMR
Show Details5min 32s
3 Cemeteries To Visit
Show Details11min 30s
3 Creepy Haunted Doll Attractions You Can Visit Part 1
Show Details11min 28s
The Ring Fun Facts
Show Details12min 51s
Haunted Amusement Parks Episode 2
Show Details8min 28s
Haunted eBay Objects Episode 1
Show Details6min 24s
Haunted Places Forsaken Sites Episode 6 ASMR
Show Details9min 59s
Haunted Places Spooky Destinations Episode 5 ASMR
Show Details10min 31s
Haunted Places Creepy Spots Episode 4 ASMR
Show Details8min 18s
Haunted Places: Hair Raising Locations Episode 3 ASMR
Show Details9min 54s
Haunted Places: Eerie Spaces Episode 2 ASMR
Show Details9min 47s
Ten Haunted Places ASMR
Show Details10min 49s
A Church At Traders Creek Story Narration ASMR
Show Details14min 28s
Urban Legends Part 8
Show Details15min 43s
Urban Legends ASMR Part 7
Show Details11min 3s
Urban Legends ASMR Part 6
Show Details14min 48s
Urban Legends ASMR Part 5
Show Details12min 53s
Urban Legends ASMR Part 4
Show Details23min 25s
Urban Legends ASMR Part 3
Show Details20min 43s
Urban Legends ASMR Part 2
Show Details26min 10s
Super ASMR Urban Legends Part 1
Show Details24min 16s
Horror Space Bloopers *Not ASMR*
Show Details12min 21s
ASMR Creepy Mixed Art Journal - Tapping & Tracing Part 1
Show Details12min 15s
Christine Chubbuck Ghost Story ASMR
Show Details3min 24s
ASMR Ghost Story My Imaginary Ghost Friend Sabrina
Show Details2min 58s