Halftime Community Podcast

Community podcast for the people by the people. Guests join us every episode from the Halftime community to chop it up about basketball and everything going on in the NBA.


Episode 4: James Harden trade, Clippers check in with @kLAW06, ReggieLewis35 Halftime Speech
Show Details43min 14s
Episode 3: Steph Curry, Zion, Coach Bagley update, Bradley Beal, Knicks strong start, and a Hawks conversation with @ATLHawk
Show Details47min 19s
Episode 2: Hot starts, James Harden, and Lakers check in with Nique86
Show Details47min 50s
Episode 1: Rudy Gobert Extension, ReggieLewis35 introduction, and Briott14 as community guest
Show Details47min 1s