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Haiku Pea

Haiku Pea is a poetry podcast from www.poetrypea.com. It features haiku and senryu and other Japanese short form poetry. There are lots of free writing resources, workshops from experts, readings of original poetry, haiku and senryu, as well as prompts and writing exercises. You can submit your haiku or senryu to Patricia and be featured on the podcast and in the Poetry Pea Journals. Let’s write together.


S5E18: Original haiku & senryu using contrast
Show Details44min 25s
S5E17: Haiku to get your juices flowing
Show Details13min 59s
S5E16:The vulgar, the commonplace and the Taboo
Show Details48min 58s
S5E15 Writing your haiku with Depth
Show Details37min 55s
S5E14 Original Haiku & Senryu using Memories
Show Details39min 24s
S5E13: Haiku using contrast
Show Details23min 42s
S5E12 Original Speculative Haiku & Senryu
Show Details46min 17s
S5E11: Vulgar Haiku
Show Details57min 36s
S5E10: Writing haikus like Jack Kerouac
Show Details40min 47s
S5E9: How to use memories in haiku
Show Details54min 55s
S5E8: Original haiku and senryu with punctuation
Show Details45min 10s
Show Details30min 39s
S5E6: Original Haiku using colour
Show Details52min 12s
S5E5: Write like Jack Kerouac
Show Details53min 17s
S5E4: Haiku Punctuation!
Show Details43min 29s
S5E3: 5 Favourite Haiku and other poems
Show Details40min 56s
S5E2: Haiku at the old pond
Show Details15min 14s
S5E1: Colour in your haiku
Show Details20min 25s
S4E24:Haiku across the ponds
Show Details22min 46s
S4E23: Haiku Masters of Melancholy
Show Details41min 9s
S4E22: Original Long Haiku
Show Details42min 25s
S4E21: Haiku are seasonal... aren't they?
Show Details18min 43s
S4 E20: Our Best Haiku
Show Details46min 54s
Call for submissions: Long Haiku
Show Details1min 12s
Happy Haiku Birthday
Show Details18min 37s
S4E18: Original haiku using Place Names
Show Details39min 31s
S4E17: Long Haiku featuring Mark Gilbert
Show Details39min 58s
S4E16 original haiku with yūgen
Show Details35min 23s
S4E15 Ladybirds, Place names and haiku
Show Details49min 39s
S4E14: Realistic haiku and senryu
Show Details41min 43s
S4 E13 Part 1: Place names and Wasps
Show Details41min 27s
S4E12: Original Haiku of the season
Show Details45min 4s
S4E11 Yūgen for your haiku toolbox
Show Details42min 12s
Bonus Episode: Haiku Pea Tea Ceremony
Show Details4min 5s
S4E10: Euphonic Haiku
Show Details31min 11s
S4E9: Haiku from the Island
Show Details49min 46s
S4E8: No Ego Haiku
Show Details39min 11s
S4E7: Seasons of haiku
Show Details1hr 30min
S4E6: Haiku with exaggerated perspective
Show Details30min 34s
S4E5: Haiku Sound...and Fury
Show Details1hr 12min
S4E4: Humorous haiku
Show Details36min 59s
S4E3: Haiku without me
Show Details40min 33s
S4E2: Spring and Autumn Haiku
Show Details37min 54s
S4E1: Let's Exaggerate
Show Details34min 29s
S3E24: No verbs
Show Details34min 33s
S3E23: Humour
Show Details37min 59s
S3E22: Social Issues
Show Details23min 47s
S3E21: Audaciousness
Show Details37min 18s
S3E20: Found
Show Details19min 30s
S3E19: Happy Birthday
Show Details40min 36s
S3E18: Loss
Show Details32min 35s
S3E17: One Breath
Show Details27min 43s
Show Details26min 44s
S3E15: Chocolate box
Show Details40min 47s
S3E14: Voyages
Show Details29min 50s
S3E13: Still Brief
Show Details22min 55s
S3E12: Ageing
Show Details19min 26s
S3E11 Keeping It Brief
Show Details18min 32s
S3E10: Monoku
Show Details17min 56s
S3E9: A New Dimension
Show Details17min 34s
S3E8 Afternoon Break
Show Details14min 27s
S3E7: Collective Unconscious
Show Details13min 40s
S3E6 Haiku Recipes
Show Details14min 1s
S3E5 Simply Every Day
Show Details11min 1s
S3E4 Loving The Haiku And Senryu
Show Details18min 4s
S3E3 The Haiku Moment
Show Details14min 56s
S3E2: Haiku All about animals
Show Details20min 7s
S3E1: Happy New Year
Show Details9min 9s
S2E24 Art Through Haiku Eyes
Show Details12min 58s
S2E23: Treats
Show Details11min 46s
S2E22: Men
Show Details17min 19s
S2 E21: Making Music
Show Details14min 19s
Series 2 Episode 20: Spirits
Show Details17min 36s
Series 2 Episode 19: Happy Birthday
Show Details17min 7s
Series 2 Episode 18: Flowers
Show Details20min 17s
S2E17 Whoku With Mark Gilbert
Show Details10min 43s
S2E16 Sense Switching or Synesthesia
Show Details13min 5s
S2E15 Coffee Without Verbs
Show Details8min 37s
S2E14 Trees
Show Details23min 24s
S2E13 Unseen And Unheard
Show Details15min 58s
S2E12 Erotica
Show Details12min 20s
S2E11: Spring Break
Show Details9min 41s
S2E10: Weeds Or Wildflowers?
Show Details22min 55s
S2E9: Man And Nature
Show Details18min 14s
S2E8: Filmku
Show Details22min 14s
S2E7: Ego
Show Details12min
S2E6 Harmonious Haiku- haiku and senryu on the theme of music
Show Details19min 18s
S2E5: Aiming For The Moon
Show Details13min 41s
S2E4: Sportku
Show Details15min 12s
S2E3: Beauty in decay - Mono No Aware
Show Details8min 32s
Series 2 Episode 2: Childhood
Show Details20min 39s
Series 2 Episode 1: When Is A Haiku Not A Haiku?
Show Details9min 41s
Yugen the mystery of the unknown
Show Details7min 52s
Episode 51: Wabi
Show Details8min 50s
Episode 49: Pain
Show Details16min 18s
Episode 47 Sabi
Show Details8min 40s
Episode 46: Remembering the Summer
Show Details6min 34s
Episode 45: Cow Bells
Show Details9min 16s
Episode 43 Making Sense Of The World
Show Details22min 22s
Episode 41: Innuendo
Show Details7min 58s
Episode 39: Cameras, Cathedrals and Cherry Blossom
Show Details9min 59s
Episode 37: Summer in the mountains watching the tourists
Show Details9min 2s
Episode 36: Women
Show Details25min 12s
Episode 35: The Riddle of the Wildfire
Show Details11min 2s
Episode 34: Sharks, Squirrels and Bees
Show Details9min 25s
Episode 33 The Colour of Money
Show Details6min 26s
Episode 32: Can you smell the deer?
Show Details8min 8s
Episode 31: Fly me to the moon
Show Details8min 6s
Episode 30: Lemons and Butterfies
Show Details9min 23s
Episode 29 Cola, poppies and holidays
Show Details9min 43s
Episode 28 Memories
Show Details12min 51s
Episode 27 Vancouver via Zürich
Show Details8min 23s
Episode 26 Haiku and Collective Consciousness
Show Details12min 4s
Episode 25 Haiku, healing and the milky way
Show Details6min 7s
Episode 23 The Breakfast Special
Show Details12min 15s
Episode 21 - Shasei, a sketch from life
Show Details11min 42s
Episode 19 Heron, Seagull, Pigeon
Show Details7min 45s
Episode 18 Articles, Lawnmowers and Worms
Show Details6min 57s
Episode 17 Ekphrastic Haiku
Show Details6min 26s
Episode 16: The Birds
Show Details9min 13s
Episode 15 A week in the city
Show Details8min 48s
Episode 14 Round and round the garden
Show Details8min 20s
Episode 13 Trains, trams and buses
Show Details12min 4s
Episode 12 A walk in the countryside
Show Details9min 38s
Episode 11: Inspiration from the World Economic Forum
Show Details8min 6s
Episode 10: Look! The snow's back
Show Details8min 42s
Episode 9 A day in the life
Show Details7min 53s
Episode 8: A mixed bag but mostly snow...
Show Details9min 36s
Episode 7 Home from the holidays
Show Details7min 52s
Episode 6 The Indian Ocean
Show Details7min 33s
Episode 5: A wander round the hills of Zürich
Show Details5min 40s
Episode 4 Mountains and Cities
Show Details6min 13s
Episode 3:
Show Details4min 46s
Episode 2:
Show Details4min 24s
Episode 1:
Show Details3min 52s