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The Haas Faculty Podcast is a Berkeley Haas Podcast featuring Berkeley Haas accomplished faculty members who teach and mentor the next business leaders.


Holly Schroth, Distinguished Teaching Fellow and Senior Lecturer at Berkeley Haas – The Art of Negotiations
Show Details21s
Zsolt Katona, Professor & Digital Marketing Expert – At the Intersection of Marketing and Technology
Show Details21min 49s
Heather Whiteman, Professor & People Data Enthusiast – The Power of People Analytics
Show Details49min 52s
Gregory La Blanc, Professor, Strategist, & Podcast Host – How Curiosity Created a Generalist
Show Details42min 59s
Alex Budak, Professional Faculty at UC Berkeley – Being A Changemaker in Today’s World
Show Details30min 54s
Henry Chesbrough, PhD 97 – Open Innovation
Show Details42min 7s
Andreea Gorbatai, Assistant Professor in Management of Organizations – How Soft Skills Have Become a Science
Show Details39min 34s
Ross Levine, Professor & 12th Most Cited Economist – Bringing Passion to Research & the Classroom
Show Details48min 33s
Dr. Rebecca Portnoy, Professor – Breaking Bread
Show Details32min 33s
Shachar Kariv, Professor & Decision Theorist – Make Better Decisions
Show Details44min 26s
Don Moore, Professor and Confidence Researcher – How to be Perfectly Confident
Show Details47min 7s
Dr. Sahar Yousef, Productivity Expert & Lecturer - Becoming Superhuman: The Science of Peak Performance and Productivity
Show Details32min 56s
Lucas Miller, Productivity Researcher & Lecturer – Helping Haasies Become Superhumans
Show Details47min 56s